Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher on Ryan Ellis: ‘I suppose he won’t play this season’

Chuck Fletcher met with the media to start a training camp on Thursday and offered some injury updates.

Sean Couturier, who is reported to have injured his back again, was scheduled to see a specialist Thursday morning for a second opinion. Still from week to week at the moment.

Joel Farabi, who underwent surprise surgery to replace the disc in his neck earlier in the summer, has been approved to participate, but is not connected. He’s making progress though. It’s also from week to week.

Ryan Ellis…

“Ryan Ellis will be out indefinitely,” Fletcher said. “There is no timetable for him to return to play. I will just say that my assumption is that he will not play this season. If he does that will be a bonus.”

Is his injury threatening his career at this point?

“That’s definitely a possibility,” Fletcher said.

Oh boy…

After arriving at the trade from Nashville last summer, Ellis Flyers’ tenure was murky and brutal.

At first it was planned that Ivan Provorov’s partner would be the best defensive duo, he played only four matches and then disappeared with a lower body injury that the team described as “multifaceted”.

On Thursday morning, Fletcher finally shed more light on what exactly the problems are and whether surgery is on the table now that it hasn’t been too long.

“The problem is, I know we were probably vague in describing the injury, and I think we called it multifaceted, and it is,” Fletcher said. “there psoas component Of this, there is the hip component, there is the ab component. So I’m not sure if you’ll go in and fix one part, everything will be fixed. We are trying to work to restore everything, rehabilitate everything.

“I’ve never heard of an injury like this, it’s so complicated. A tear is a very serious injury for a hockey player, a very rare injury. We’re doing our best and we’ll leave it to the medical experts.”

Ellis gave an interview to the media at the end of last season, and was initially optimistic about his rehab plan and goal to be ready for camp. Fletcher was, too. But as the summer dragged on, that optimism faded.

“Rehabilitation, there have been tides,” Fletcher said. “I think he made progress earlier in the summer. I would say in the last couple of months, there haven’t been any clear signs of progress.

“It was a frustrating injury. Nobody is more frustrated than Ryan. Nobody wants to play more than Ryan. But we’re dealing with reality now. He’s not skating, so obviously he’s still far from playing.”

And now you have to wonder if that is if he plays again.

“Very disappointing for him,” Fletcher said. “I don’t think he ever expected to be traded from Nashville. I think he thought he’d be a Predator forever. He overcame the initial shock of his trade, went in, went straight in, and he was a great fellow. He took Ivan Provorov under his wing, and they had breakfast and lunch together Every day, and they were inseparable from trying to build that chemistry, and they were so excited to start the season.

“When he played, he played well. Nobody wants to play more than Ryan Ellis, and I know people in this market haven’t had a chance to see him. A high-end competitor, a very good player. It was very difficult for Ryan as a human being trying to be healthy and be Part of what we’re building here.”

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