Friday Football Margins: Two big goals scored by Kenny Pickett; More Brian Flores news. Steelers fans aren’t going to love ESPN’s new 30-for-30


This week’s Friday Football Footnote includes some specific goals from Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett. I’m going to share some thoughts on launching Byron Leftwich. Another job interview is in the books of Brian Flores. John Harbaugh discusses Lamar Jackson’s future in Baltimore.


In addition, Steelers fans are more likely to give “2 likes” to ESPN Next 30 vs. 30.

They might not even make it through the opening credits.

line them up

Interview with Steelers defensive assistant coach Brian Flores for a job. But it wasn’t a head coach position.

He is for the opening defensive coordinator at Atlanta. This is according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

Flores was also interviewed for the defensive coordinator job in Cleveland. But Jim Schwartz landed that gig. The Arizona Cardinals are reportedly considering Flores for their main coaching position.

The Steelers are not compatible with any compensation if Flores gets either job. He should have been on the Steelers for two years for that to happen if Arizona hired him. Coordinator promotions will not result in compensation.

packing on pounds

Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett announced a set goal while on the “Show Pat McAfee” Thursday.

wants to lump. Pickett says he may have gotten too thin during the prep draft.

“In combined training, I got a little skinny,” Beckett said. “I was just under 220. I want to get a little bigger for the season. You’re training for 40, you’re not training to be a soccer player, you’re doing drills. I wanted to do well in those. So I’ve been playing catch-up after that. I want To gain a little more weight and have a little more muscle mass to go into the season after trying a lot of these strikes.”

Beckett also thinks his footwork can improve.

“If I can get my feet right, the ball usually goes where I need it to go. I’m going to keep working on throws out of the platform as well. Getting out of the pocket is something I’ve done much better at the end of the year — extending plays and giving players opportunities,” Beckett said. In the field”.

The Pitt alumnus announced plans to invite the team’s pass catchers to his hometown of New Jersey for summer practices before training camp begins.

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I’m looking for Lamar

Despite some concern about Lamar Jackson’s future in Baltimore, coach John Harbaugh seems convinced the quarterback will return to the Ravens next year.

After being asked if Jackson was still in the organization’s long-term plan, Harbu He saidAnd “One hundred percent. Two hundred percent. There’s no doubt about that. Lamar Jackson is our starting quarterback. … He’s a very smart guy, he’s got a big heart, but he’s just a tremendous competitor. That’s the kind of guy we want to build this team around.”

Jackson’s rookie contract has expired, but he could be franchised twice if a long-term deal isn’t signed.

If Jackson returns, he will have a new offensive coordinator. Greg Roman Step down from this position Thursday.

off the mark

long overdue The shooting of Byron Leftwich Finally officially in Tampa Bay. Predictions of his dismissal have hung over the Buccaneers organization ever since the team lost its playoff game Monday night.

Leftwich won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady and the Buccaneers—as part of the coaching staff of head coach and former Steelers assistant Bruce Arians—in 2020. Leftwich was the starting quarterback for Pittsburgh in 2008 and again between 2010-12.

However, Tampa Bay averaged just 18.4 points per game, 25th in the NFL. By comparison, the Steelers’ Pop Gun offense was 26 at 18.1. They made their way to 8-9, winning the NFC South.

Tampa’s rushing offense was the worst in football, at 76.9 yards per game. But their passing offense averaged 269.8 yards per game, second best in the NFL. But it was ineffective and often painful.

Leftwich didn’t get much help on the field in 2022. Brady was finally starting to show his age, and the rest of the unit was devastated by injuries. This led ESPN’s Anthony “Booger” McFarland to tweet this opinion.

Well, Booger, if it was all about Brady and the other players – not about Leftwich – when they were bad this year, then wasn’t it also about Brady and the other players – not about Leftwich – when they were good several years ago?

This argument essentially moves goalposts…about “moving the goalposts”.

Get your popcorn ready

Here’s a sports documentary Steelers fans can’t wait to see.

ESPN goes 30-for-30 in the 2000 Super Bowl Baltimore Ravens.

yes. I’m sure it will be highly downloaded in Pittsburgh.

i can hear it now, “ESPN!? Yinz makes a picture on Dirty Birds, and hasn’t yinz done one yet on ’05 Stillers? Big Ben! This is a bus! Peezy, n’at! Howz does love come? “

In fact, rumor has it, ESPN is working on a 30-for-30 about this year’s Steelers team. And why don’t they? It’s the best 9-8 NFL honoree ever!

At least that’s what Fans and the national media Keep telling me.

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