George Button remains the general manager position regardless of who the Denver Broncos hire as general manager


According to Denver’s Mike Cleese on 9NEWS, despite media speculation, Broncos general manager George Button will remain the team’s general manager regardless of who is hired to be their head coach.


There was media talk and speculation that General Manager George Button would be fired if the Broncos hired a head coach like Sean Payton who wanted the last word on roster management. Cleese states that Payton had a good working relationship with Saints general manager Mickey Loomis for 15 years and that these two could get along.

Contrary to some media speculation, George Button will return as the Broncos’ general manager, regardless of who Penner ultimately decides to hire as head coach. Remember, even if Sean Payton required the final say in roster decisions – as he would be entitled to given his seriousness and resume – he had a productive and professional partnership with Saints GM Mickey Loomis that worked well for 15 years.

If the Broncos hired Sean Payton, Which builds some small momentum, very likely to have the final word on roster decisions. Owner/CEO Greg Penner has already stated that the new coach will report directly to him which puts Button’s situation in an awkward position. However, it appears they already had some power structure planned between new owner-coach and George Button.

Despite being in the hot seat, and rightly so, I think Button has done enough to keep his job, at least through this draft process. Yes, Wilson’s trade looks terrible and hiring Hackett was a huge bust, but Hackett has shown himself to be a good talent evaluator throughout his two drafts.

He named cornerback Patrick Surtain his second with his first pick and is already the best cornerback in the league. Then he got Javonte Williams who looked promising before the injury and was a regular starter along the offensive line for the Queen Miners. Baron Browning looks like a promising snob, Caden Sterns has shown his potential, and last year Greg Dulich and Damarri Mathis turned out to be starters for the team and likely starters next year.

If you can keep Patton in the talent evaluator position, a role he feels comfortable with as a former scout, and works well with Sean Payton, we can get a good Payton-Patton pairing.

If it doesn’t work out, we could see Patton forgo the draft. Moving on from Button now wouldn’t be smart considering he would leave the Broncos without any prep. So, if a move happens in the near future, I’ll be looking for it next. However, I hope the two will get along and form a good working relationship together. Patton was a respected and sought-after candidate for general manager, so it’s likely that Payton had a good opinion of him.

Ultimately, Button isn’t going anywhere, at least for now. We’ll see what the future holds, especially if they hire Sean Payton. If they end up hiring David Shaw or Dan Quinn specifically, I don’t see that being an issue at all. However, Cleese goes out of his way to mention that it’s just another indication that Sean Payton has the potential to be the Broncos’ head coach.

We’ll see if my instincts are right here.

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