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Giant ‘Brian Dabol’ delighted, ‘Kenny Goladay’ not happy playing with time | Big Blue View

New York Giants head coach Brian Dabol said Thursday that he is happy with a “big future” Kenny Goladay is not happy to play only twice on Sunday against the team. Carolina Panthers.

“I’ve been in the NFL for a long time. I don’t know if I’ve ever been a part of any team where someone isn’t happy about something,” Daboll said. “I have great respect for Kenny. I’m glad he is [un]Glad he didn’t play – shows competitiveness. But he was a professional. We’ll see how it goes this week.”

WR Giants Kenny Golladay is not happy. What can Brian Dabol & Co. do about it? – the athlete

Are Giants and Broad Future Kenny Goladay Stuck Together?

New York Giants injury report Thursday: Tebodo and Ogulari are approaching | Big Blue View

Edge Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari appear to be close to making their season debut Monday night against Cowboys in Dallas.

During the early parts of the open media practice, Thibodeaux (the MCL sprain) and Ojulari (the calf) seemed to increase the amount of work they were doing. Both remained listed as limited participants during Thursday’s training, which was moved inside the Diagnostic Center’s training bubble due to thunderstorms that engulfed the training field.

Kayvon Thibodeaux: New York Giants player making his NFL debut against the Cowboys? | register

With Kayvon Thibodeaux headed toward a Monday night debut, can the Giants count on a similar transformational impact that Micah Parsons had on the Cowboys?

“That doesn’t really frustrate [me]Tibodo said, when a reporter asked him if he was frustrated not to be on the field yet. “You have to understand what you want to get to. If you try to focus too much on the present moment, you will be frustrated of course. But just trying to focus on the future of what we have in store, and what I store for myself.”

The perfect start for the New York Giants is unexpected. So is the play appeal. | FiveThirtyEight

The New York Giants are one of only six undefeated teams in the NFL, perched atop the NFC East along with a 2-0 Philadelphia Eagles. However, while they were flawless during the first two weeks of the season, their record looks a little deceptive.

Big red flag: The Giants’ point spread is a paltry plus 4, the lowest by a large margin among the unbeaten teams. Before the 2022 Giants, the 20 teams since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger started a season with a 2-0 record and an overall points differential of plus 5 or worse. On average, these teams lost more matches than they won the rest of the season.

Favorite Wink Martindale talks about the difference from this year to last

Baldinger: Brian Daboll Builds a Winning Culture with Giants |

Brian Baldinger and Jason La Canfora of the Audacy Original Podcast “In The Huddle” talk about what Daboll brings to the giants and energy of New York.

“That’s it for Brian Daboll. This team is ready to play. First comes Chupa Hubbard and here comes Carter Coughlin and they just blow them up,” Baldinger said. You see the smeared recovery… Julian Love getting it back, Adore Jackson taking it out… and Julian Love running straight to Wink Martindale. He is like a godfather. Like “I said this was going to happen, Coach!” And the whole sideline is exploding there.”

Daboll is fond of Daniel Jones’ consistent behavior and decision-making |

Jones, who had three different coaches and four different offensive coordinators during his four seasons with the Giants, wasn’t perfect in his first two games under Daboll. But the Giants are 2-0 up for the first time since 2016 and have a chance to go 3-0 up for the first time since 2009.

“I think he made really good decisions,” Daboll said. “There wasn’t much I didn’t do with him and he didn’t respond. I think that’s a sign of a good professional. I got it. I loved him. What a teacher is supposed to do is…First of all, tell me why you did something because it’s a tough situation.” to play. Everyone can see it from the outside, but unless you’re standing there in the pocket, and I’m not, you’ll see a lot of different things happening quickly.”

Ellie is now doing the late night talk show rounds

Giants vs Cowboys 2022, Week 3: 5 questions about Dallas | Big Blue View

Blogging the Boys’ Dave Halprin answered five questions from BBV’s Ed Valentine about the upcoming game Monday night. Among the topics touched upon were Cooper Rush could keep up, the role of Tony Pollard, and who is the only player to take the Cowboys off the Giants list.

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Michael Gallup of the Cowboys may make his debut in the 2022 tournament against the Giants |

Head coach Mike McCarthy let the media go on Thursday that he expects Michael Gallup to make his first season Monday night against the New York Giants, although he came back a little later and said he was “hopeful.”

Gallup, who has been out since tearing up his ACL during the Cowboys’ Week 17 loss to Arizona Cardinals Last season, he would have been a surprise, assuming he plays.

Micah Parsons drops out of practice Thursday with a cold ProFootballTalk

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy told reporters that Parsons’ catastrophe would prevent him from training.

McCarthy said the move was a precaution, so Parsons is expected to be well in time to play against the Giants on Monday night. Should this change occur, the Cowboys would find themselves with a missing hunk as they attempt their second straight win.

Jerry Jones is a Cooper Rush man

Some non-throwing actions for you on Thursday |

Dak Prescott has yet to remove his stitches from last week’s surgery to repair a fractured right thumb, according to coach Mike McCarthy, but the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was on the field doing minor non-throwing action during the open portion of Thursday training inside the Ford Center in The Star in Frisco.

While fellow quarterbacks Cooper Rush and Will Greer were going through throwing drills, Prescott worked on his two feet and throwing action without the ball. He also appeared to grab a practice ball during the open portion, in a sign of progress since the Sept. 12 procedure on his thumb.

Cowboys Jason Peters saw action in left guard, right tackle on Thursday | blogging boys

There is a lot of sentiment that Peters should play left-handed when he’s ready, but there are other options. The two most notable are the left guard and the right tackle (although our own Danny Phantom wrote recently here at BTB that Peters should remain on the bench).

When the Cowboys began field preparation for the New York Giants Thursday, photos from members of the local media present showed Peters saw action in both the left guard and the right tackle.

About the league

QB Justin Herbert day by day, “Feeling more comfortable,” | ESPN

Los Angeles Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert counts day by day before week 3 match against Jacksonville JaguarsCoach Brandon Staley said Wednesday.

“He’s had a lot of rest since the last game,” Staley said. “He feels more comfortable. I know he was able to do some light throws yesterday, some periodic work, but we’ll take it day in and day out and see his comfort level.”

The 49ers’ unique contract with Jimmy Garoppolo will allow QB to earn millions in bonus money |

When Garoppolo agreed to restructure his contract with the 49ers, he agreed to a deal that paid him only $6.5 million in guaranteed money for 2022. However, the contract also came with millions of dollars in incentives he could earn if QB became the starter. The season that’s happening now.

In short: If Garoppolo plays 25% of the shots in a game and the 49 players win, he gets $350,000 in bonus every week in addition to the $29,000 active roster bonus. These two numbers together are more than double his base salary per game this year ($361,000).

JPP is back in the league

Baker Mayfield admits his playing ‘wasn’t good enough’ in his first two matches with the Panthers |

In short, Mayfield was average, which is understandable not good enough to win the NFL today.

“It’s not good enough,” Mayfield said Wednesday. “I’m only interested in winning, regardless of my stats. He didn’t take good care of the ball. That’s pretty much the only stat that matters to me. I have to lead this group better. I have to lead better, and I have to make sure everyone is on the same page to Where we do implementation at a much higher level. That’s my biggest disappointment is that it hasn’t shown up yet. So I take full responsibility for that as a crime.”

Prime Video averages 15.3 million viewers in NFL season opener for ‘Friday Night Football’ |

The first regular season game of Prime Video as the exclusive home of Friday Night Football was a huge hit. Kansas City’s 27-24 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers last Thursday averaged 15.3 million viewers across all platforms as measured by Nielsen and Amazon for the first party.

The game averaged 13.0 million using only Nielsen ratings. That’s a 47% increase from last year’s Week 2 game between the Washington and New York Giants, which averaged 8.84 million on the NFL Network.

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