Gran Turismo 7 has helped the series pass 90 million sales

On the eve of the 25th anniversary of Gran Turismo, Kazunori Yamauchi of the innovative series thanks his fans and highlights a new sales mark.

the Grand tour The franchise has surpassed 90 million copies sold. The astronomical number was revealed as part of the 25th anniversary campaign and is accurate until November 16, 2022.

The inaugural Gran Turismo was released in 1997, initially in Japan and then in 1988 in the Western world. It has sold over 10 million copies and was the best-selling game overall on the original PlayStation.

In the 25 years since it’s definitely gone up – Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec – and low – Gran Turismo 6 – but even rock bottom it’s still sold in the millions.

As a direct spin-off, strong 2017 sales figures for Gran Turismo Sport haven’t been released, but a video documentary for upcoming artificial intelligence program Gran Turismo Sophy shows it has reached more than 14 million users By February 2022.

Individual sales of Gran Turismo 7 figures were hidden in this overall stat, but they did Top sales charts at launch She has remained a fixture ever since.

Developer Polyphony Digital Quotes Total number of series sales amounted to 80.4 million as of May 5 2018. That is, almost 10 million copies of GT Sport and Gran Turismo 7 Sold in the last four and a half years.

video game creator Kazunori Yamauchi said at an exhibition PlayStation Blog.

“The founding members of the company are still working on the front lines, and I am grateful and proud that all of our 200 employees have the same drive and love with which the company first began.

Kazunori Yamauchi celebrates the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series Finals
Kazunori Yamauchi celebrates the 2022 Gran Turismo World Series Finals

In the past 25 years, cumulative sales of the series have totaled over 90 million copies as of November 16, 2022.

“We own [a] Fresh determination to continue our progress in the future with a strong sense of purpose.

“We appreciate all of your support over the past 25 years. Thank you.”