Harper’s Account: Phillies vs Braves Series Preview

Thanks to the heroics of Matt Ferling, the PhyllisTheir five-game losing streak ended Wednesday night. It was great to see Vierling come in with a five-stroke night, including a single match win in the tenth. But if Phillies want to keep winning matches, they will likely need similar trophies from their franchise player, who haven’t delivered many of them since returning from the injured list.

register: 93-55 (2nd place in the Eastern National League, one game back)

last time they met

Velez visited Truist Park last weekend and thanks to the efforts of Ronald Acuna Jr. and a quiet attack, they were swept into the three-game group.

since then?

The Braves won their first two matches against Washington citizens before falling into the series finale. And look at this: The Nationals social media team just posted a good tweet!

Game-by-game preview

Match 1: Thursday, 7:15 – Ranger Suarez vs Max Fried

Suarez’s last start was his best in some time, going six rounds, only giving up one. He was in a position to win before Seranthony Dominguez was blown up on the eighth. After Dominguez had another horrific outing on Wednesday, is it time to worry about unloading the Ace Feliz?

He gave up big rounds at home to Acuna and Vladimir Guerrero Jr., and to be fair, these guys are ruining nights for a lot of shooters. But aside from those home workouts, Dominguez didn’t look sharp. Given his injury history and the fact that he has already spent some time on the injured list, you have to hope that his suffering isn’t due to a physical illness.

Game 2: Friday, 7:05 – Aaron Nola vs. Jake Odorese

Aaron Nola will get another chance to erase Bad Shows in September. On his last start, he didn’t make a horrible match, and had it not been for Akuna, it might have been an excellent start. But sadly, Akuna is here, and will likely be in Braves’ lineup again on Friday.

You might want to stick around it this time, Aaron.

Game 3: Saturday, 4:05 p.m. – Billy Walter vs. Kyle Wright

Kyle Schwarber came in with a clutch injury on Wednesday, a night after he sustained three RBIs. Maybe this is a sign that he’s heating up a bit?

How do you even define Schwarber’s season? You can’t really say the Premier League’s leading hitter is having a bad season, but it’s hard to prove that he’s having a particularly good season too. Lead hitter with .312 on a percentage basis is less than ideal.

I realize he’s comfortable in pole position, and they may not want to make big changes at this point in the season, but I think they need to explore other options for next year.

Game 4: Sunday, 1:05: Kyle Gibson vs. Charlie Morton

I would say it would be difficult for Gibson to go worse than he did against the Blue Jays, but I don’t want to tempt fate. He gave up seven runs on two different starts in September, and that’s not really what you want from a veteran.

The good news for Gibson is that his debut will be at the same time as the Eagles facing Carson Wentz and the leaders. With many of the city’s sports fans turning their attention elsewhere, if he has another bad start, he will receive less than the normal level of vitriol on social media.

We need an MVP

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about watching Akona’s tournaments this past weekend is knowing that Velez theoretically has a man capable of performing at this level. I’ve written before about Bryce Harper’s legacy, and it just doesn’t look great now.

Yes, he had two MVP awards to his credit, and the Nationals won multiple division titles while he was there. But his national teams have never won a playoff series, and they have finally succeeded in winning a race World Championship season after leaving. Meanwhile, his new team is 0-3 in terms of making the playoffs. Now in his fourth year at Velez, after seeing the team thrive in his absence due to injury, they stumbled upon his return.

It was usual for a series against the Braves to show the best of Harper. In 2019, he had an OPS of 1,016 with seven home runs in 19 games against them. But for the second consecutive season, the Phillies went to Atlanta in September, and Harper was invisible.

If Velez fails in the playoffs, there will be plenty of blame to get over him. The promotion has been a lot worse since his comeback, and I don’t think Harper has much to do with that, unless you think he somehow “ruined the atmosphere of the club”. But fair or not, if Velez fails, most fans will point the finger at the franchise player.

silly things

Last series answer: Mariano Duncan led the Phillies by ten strokes at the 1993 World Championships. (I would have sworn it was Lenny Dykstra) SLDH was right.

Question for this series: Since Citizens Bank Park opened in 2004, who holds the Braves record for most hits on the field in a season?

conclusion of thought

Much like the Phillies, the Milwaukee Brewers They don’t play as a team determined to make it to the playoffs. But their schedule is going with a four-game streak in Cincinnati, so the Phillies can’t count on them to keep losing games.

The Braves are a good team, but Velez cannot only admit defeat. They beat the Braves before this season, and there’s no reason why they can’t beat them again this weekend.

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