Healthy fashion designer for pilots entering training camp

Voorhees, NJ – Sean Couturier And the Kevin Hayes They will be full participants of the Philadelphia Flyers when the bootcamp opens on September 21.

Couturier, who did not play after December 18 last season and had back surgery on February 11, said he got final approval about two weeks ago and has been taking part in informal skateboarding and workout sessions.

“I feel good,” said the 29-year-old centre. “I’ve recovered for a long time. (It) took longer than I thought, a lot of ups and downs, but now I feel good and ready to go. Excited to be back again.”

Couturier’s absence left a hole in the center on the top streak last season.

In 29 games with him, the Flyers were 12-12-5 (.500 percentage points), averaging 2.66 goals per game and allowing 3.17 goals per game. Without him, they were 13-34-6 (.302), averaging 2.51 goals per game and allowing 3.81 goals per game.

“I want to prove that I’m healthy again and I can get back to the player that I am, and maybe I’m better,” Couturier said. “I’ll push myself. I think so [new coach John Tortorella] Is here to kind of do it, push ourselves, make it a hard camp (training), lots of snowboarding and see if we’re in good shape. Therefore, I will prove that I am like everyone else and will just try to show that I am back to what I was.”

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Hayes also wants to contribute after having had three abdominal surgery last season. The 30-year-old center said this is the third operation on Jan. 18, which filters fluid from the adductor area of ​​his hip, which has helped treat the infection that was the root of his problems.

Hayes finished the season with 31 points (10 goals, 21 assists) in 48 games, including 22 points (seven goals, 15 assists) in 28 games after returning from third surgery on March 5.

“This was probably my first summer in two years where I got into the training part of the summer where I was doing everything 100 percent and there was nothing really holding me back,” Hayes said.

As much as his body feels comfortable, Hayes’ mental style is also better, because he can trust his body again.

This process started last season and was reinforced by his feeling on the ice.

“There were times last year that I was leaving matches where I wondered if I would ever feel good again,” he said. “It was nice to know I could play hockey again and have fun and not worry about my nerves every shift on the ice. So that was the main reason why I came back and it cleared a lot of my mind for me, hopefully it stays on this way.”

With Couturier and Hayes in good health, there is an internal belief that the Pilots could prove the skeptics wrong and return to the Stanley Cup playoffs after failing to qualify in each of the past two seasons.

In addition to signing Tortorella on June 17, Philadelphia has also acquired a defensive man Tony D’Angelo In a business deal with Carolina Hurricanes on July 8, signed forward Nicolas Desloriers (four-year contract) and defense man Justin Brown (One-year contract) on July 13.

“I think on paper we have a really good team,” Hayes said. “But I think when you’ve had such a bad year like last year, it just adds to it. … I think with the ‘Torts’ leading the group, it’s going to be a tough but fun training camp, and I think we’ll kind of embrace the hard work together and hopefully that’s We unite as a team faster than it normally takes.”

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