How does this epic Demons’ all-time winning streak stack up


This geyser may not be unprecedented, but it is fast approaching that region.


with win over oilers On Monday, and New Jersey Devils They extended their winning streak to 13 games, tying them for the fifth-longest streak in NHL history and putting them just four games short of the all-time record.

A winning streak of at least 13 has been achieved only 10 other times, as the Panthers most recently achieved that milestone last season before rivals the Lightning put an end to it. The Devils also reached a 13-win streak during the 2000-01 season before crashing out in the Cup Final after winning it all the previous year.

Another dub exhausted maple leaves Wednesday would put the Devils in their fourth all-time tie and hitting distance from 1992-93 penguinsRecord 17 consecutive wins. With New Jersey closing in on the top spot, let’s take a look at how this race has historically stood and how these devil-chased teams ended up on the all-time list.

The Devils currently sit in a tie for the fifth-longest winning streak in National Hockey League history (via

The Devils currently sit in a tie for the fifth-longest winning streak in National Hockey League history (via

pittsburgh penguins, 1992-93 (17 matches)

The back-to-back champion Penguins entered the season with three on their sights and looked like the juggernaut heading into the 1993 playoffs after finishing the campaign undefeated for 18 straight games including a 17-game winning streak midway through that. Being.

This late season burner may have blown all the gas Pittsburgh had left, however, the two-time champions – loaded with the likes of Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagger, Ron Francis, Larry Murphy and others – have been shockingly upset before. New York Islanders in the second round that spring.

The second-longest winning streak in NHL history belongs to…, uh, the Columbus Blue Jackets? We’d forgive you for not remembering the Jackets dominating 16 games so many seasons ago because honestly it’s very hard to remember anything about that team at all.

This version of the Blue Jackets, coached by John Tortorella and backed by that year’s winner at Vezina Sergey Bobrovskyprimarily rode a stingy defense and scoring streak in a wild mid-season before falling short in the first round against the Penguins in just five games.

New York Islanders, 1981-82 (15 games)

The 81-82 Islanders were the best teams of the early 1980s dynasty and one of the greatest teams ever assembled, dominating from start to finish with 54 regular season wins and 118 points over 80 games to best campaign in the 1980s. Franchise history.

After trucking everyone out and posting a mid-season, 15-game winning streak along the way, the Islanders went on to capture their third Stanley Cup that spring.

Pittsburgh Penguins, 2012-13 (15 games)

The Pens made their second Top 5 appearance through 14 games in March 2013. Led by premiers Crosby, Malkin, Letang and Fleury, Pittsburgh shook up their competition all year, securing the lead in the East in the regular season. Wins and points in the lockout shortcut campaign.

Like most of the teams on this list, the Penguins didn’t manage to get a championship that season – they were swept Bruins In the Eastern Conference Final.

Boston Bruins, 1929-30 (14 games)

I mean, who could forget this legendary team that features the likes of Connie Weiland, Ditt Clapper and Hutch Junior up front, Eddie Shore and Lionel Hitchman on the blue line and Tiny Thompson between the tubes.

Unfortunately, there was no championship for this upstart team either, as the Bruins eventually fell to the Canadiens in the Cup final.

Alex Ovechkin and Nick Backstrom have been in peak form all this season for the Capitals, who rode their two star forwards, along with blue line offensive juggernaut Mike Green, to 54 wins, 121 points in the regular season while easily capturing the President’s Trophy as the winner. NHL Regular Season Team.

This could be another case of mid-season burnout, as the team suffered arguably the most disappointing defeat (of many), falling in the first round to the eighth-ranked Canadiens.

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