How Giants Brandon Crawford Can Get 2023

When I showed Brady my initial set of ideas just to see if I could still blog about San Francisco Giants – I’ve really stopped writing since I left this site – I had one on the list about the tail of Brandon Crawford’s career and what his farewell season is supposed to be in 2023.

After that series in Colorado, I just want to talk about how awesome it would be to see Brandon Crawford dressed again.

I’m still realistic. He’ll turn 36 in 2023. And if there’s one sports tweet that haunts – and delights – me to this day, it’s this:

Gone are Brandon Crawford’s days as a Gold Glove Major League shortstop, but he still plays there! My heart has grown in two sizes Watching him run around the course this weekthat is, it grew from a lump of coal to a smaller lump of coal.

You’ll remember that the Giants will pay him $16 million next season. Recently, on McCovey Chroncast – this McCovey Chronicles Podcast You should all listen! I had speculated that since things have been going so well for him and the Giants this season, he might even announce his retirement, so I remember it would deprive him and the Giants of a proper farewell season.

What a farewell season could be! I don’t think the Giants will avoid, like, Trea Turner out of respect for Crawford’s position and contract (although we can be sure Trea Turner will avoid them), but if he’s planning to play in 2023, he’ll get some play. time. And Crawford was one of the most surprising giants of the century. Over the past 10 seasons (excluding the year of the pandemic), he’s averaged over 500 border areas while playing a great short game.

anchor. a rock. A location the Giants didn’t have to worry about, although they probably will out of season. But, if he’s planning to play in 2023, they’ll still be on the list and they’ll keep playing, and instead of watching him be a DFA or something, I’d like to show all the things he’ll need throughout the year and maybe be pretty decent.

Sure, I don’t know what it takes to be a good Major League Baseball player, or even a baseball player, or even a professional athlete, or any kind of athlete, but I was 36 years old before. Anyway, here’s the list:


Really the most important thing. The history of the 36-year-old Shortstops is bleak.

thanks for the baseball reference, I can tell you that there have been thirty-nine (39) short layovers that have played at least 90% of their 36-year-old games in a short time. Only one of the chapters in the top ten (by OPS+) happened in this century:

Here are all the results of this century:

Crawford followed up his best offensive season (141 pts+ in 2021) with his third worst season (83 pts+). Crawford’s career is at an OPS+99, so you can see that even if he comes back from this season to have a career in 2023, he’s still a historic feat for his age. His results from this season don’t suggest there’s a very slim chance of that happening.

Just some horrible offensive numbers from Savant and whether it’s a result of injuries, age or injuries plus age, age is definitely there, not getting any younger.

Then there is the conflict of defensive numbers. I mean, we’ve already seen with our own eyes that he can still make some plays, but according to SABR, whose defensive index number is a factor in the Gold Glove, Brandon Crawford is the worst short player in the National League. Oops, I say! ooh!

But as you can see with the Savant ratings, it ranks 94 percent above average. He has FanGraphs at +8.8 in defensive running above average. Sure, about half the quality of last season (+17.1), but that’s not bad! Seventh best player in the Premier League, and 18th best defender in baseball. Just their number.

However, he will need the ball to bounce his way a little more than usual to fend off father time and physical decline. The history of 36-year-old players and even 36-year-old players is bleak, but the history of fortune proves that luck is a byproduct of preparation.

Various exercises

Not just weighted squats or even acupuncture or even yoga. I’m talking Pilates. I’m talking about the action of the trampoline. Rowing. Throwing different positions on your body (during the rest period of course!) to test what has already been created but also inspire your muscle memory. There is no reason for the body to feel bored. Movement begets movement, and Crawford plays a heavy stance.

Becoming more flexible with age is challenging, but not impossible, and all Crawford really needs is introducing one or two new concepts into his training cohort to see results.

PreserVision AREDS2 Eye Vitamins for Age-Related Macular Degeneration

My eye doctor recommended these things after finding out I was a sports blogger and my eye test said I was about to seriously lose my sight unless I made some major changes. Age-related vision loss is no joke, and Even if baseball players have above average visionAge and screen-induced eye strain are important enough factors to hurt this.

Save your eyes, save your career, Brandon!

These are over-the-counter vitamins. However, they do contain a lot of zinc, so be sure to take them (twice a day) with a meal, or else you will get sick (laughter out loud as I learn that the hard way). Also, and perhaps most importantly, make sure nothing is in this – ascorbic acid, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, gelatin, glycerin, zinc oxide, marigold flower extract, medium chain triglycerides, cochineal, zeaxanthin, copper oxide, dioxide Titanium – List of MLB Banned Substances!

Fantastic diet

Crawford has a team nutritionist and has plenty of money to eat well when he’s away from the team. That shouldn’t be a problem, but if he’s going to have a really great last season, I think he’ll have to mix up the diet a bit. Maybe cut out the ice cream, just for the season. Maybe stick to strong alcoholic drinks instead of beer. Black beans – a miracle!

I was at the best of my life from 33 to 37 and it wasn’t because I was thinner than I was before (lol and definitely since), because I was taut. Looking tight, whatever you want to get there, I think this is the way to go. Rounded and center edges aren’t a great combination. If you need to be a fleet of feet it will help you when your foot weight is less.

Also, floss your teeth at least every night, Because thread and heart health are linked.

something to laugh about

With Brandon Bildt almost certainly not returning for next season, that makes this proposal particularly difficult. There are few clowns alive on the planet right now better than Brandon Kyle Belt. You can’t dunk on Kapler, he’s the manager. Starting shooters are very intense. It would be unfair to find any of the balms funny, because jugs of relief are really pathetic.

Buster Posey is now part owner of the team feel like Perfect new goal.

When Brandon Crawford He knew Buster Posey had become his boss, in a manner of speaking, a long time ago giants Shortstop took out his phone and texted the club’s newest major partner and executive board member.

Just so you know what you’re getting into, I’ve heard that owning a baseball team is not a money-making business.


There were only 355 players in MLB history (If I use the run index correctly) to have had at least 400 games in their 36-year season. That sounds like a generous number for Crawford’s pencil, but given his track record and unless the Giants sign a professional client this out of place, it still seems reasonable.

Anyway, the 93 had an OPS + 100 or greater. 21 earned OPS + 90-99. 44 players of this century, and 18 since 2010. Josh Donaldson and Carlos Santana are two players in 2022 who are enjoying their 36-year-old season as full-time players. Their OPS+s are 101 and 100, respectively.

Nothing in baseball can be considered a guarantee, and all too often plans are blown up by a ball hitting the base or the referee misses a call or names your misfortune. Brandon Crawford has been one of the most consistent Giants in franchise history, and it’s going to be weird when he’s gone, but he still has another season, so let’s just hope he’s doing well.

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