How good is a recruiting class for a rookie? Could there be some late fluctuations?


The 2023 Oklahoma recruiting class will become official Wednesday, opening the early signing period for college football programs.


Soon to start the final 72 hours to the end of employment with 23 commitments plus three gate transfers. Coaches keep chasing down late decisions and twists to add to the class.

Josh McCuistion is the co-publisher of SoonerScoop. He has covered OU recruiting for nearly 20 years and spoke to Tulsa World about the Class of 2023.

Tulsa World: Even if nothing else happens, how good of a year did Brent Venables and his recruiting staff have?

Josh McQuestion: “It’s a really good class. They’ve addressed a lot of needs. They’ve gained some quality in the defensive line. The crown jewel of that group.” PJ Adebawore From Kansas City. When OU offered it, it was (a prospect) a three star that was largely ignored. Now look at him running towards five stars and he’s one of the most respected defensive ends in the country. Get to know him early.

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“That’s a big thing with this season. I’ve seen Oklahoma go into areas they haven’t been in for a long time. They’ve had success in the Southeast with players like Lewis Carter (from Tampa, FL), who’s a standout football player… if I had to bet Over a successful college football player, Lewis Carter would be my choice because he is so good at every stage of the game.

“I think it’s a really successful season. If you had told everybody when Lincoln Riley left that Oklahoma would go down to maybe its best defensive class in 15 years and still get a five-star quarterback (Jackson Arnold), then that’s a victory.”


Eli Lederman and Eric Bailey spoke with quarterbacks Jackson Arnold and OL Kayden Green recently. Brent Venables’ recruiting approach suggests that he builds the program from the ground up.

TW: How strong is this defensive class compared to years past?

JM: “I was talking about offensive players under Riley and how creative your offensive staff is in using these guys. It’s kind of the same deal with these guys and the Oklahoma defensive class. If you have a creative defensive mind, you can do some very diverse things with these guys because you have some types of Interesting body.You have different types of players, men who can play different roles.

“Louis Carter can be the Panther or he can be an inside linebacker if he weighs more than 10 or 15 pounds. There’s a lot of versatility and range and growth. (Linebacker) Samuel Omusego is the best wide receiver in high school than he is a linebacker but he’s a tall He’s 6-foot-3 and 215 and he can fly. I put that in the hands of a guy like Brent Venables and he reminds me of Kenan Clayton when he got out of high school. I don’t know where he’s going to play, but he’s really big, he’s really fast and really athletic.

“You start with that and you give it to a guy who knows what he’s doing like Brent and you just see a lot of potential where all of that can go for some of these guys.”

TW: In the last 72 hours, what’s your best-case scenario for the OU through Wednesday?

JM: “In a real world, Marcus Strong (defensive end from Lake Butler, Fla.) would land a touchdown. Obviously everyone would vote for (defensive lineman and Texas A&M) David Hicks. I think that’s a very remote possibility at this point in time. If you land Marcus Strong, you’re going to land (current commitment at Notre Dame) Peyton Bowen, five-star security… I don’t think people understand that, right now, he’s the No. 10 player in the country according to Rivals. This will be the first time he’s signed Its OU with the top 10 defensive players since Gerald McCoy in 2006. It’s amazing, first year, to be able to snag a player like that and have to fight Oregons and Notre Dame… He’s a kid who can go anywhere. To be able to Winning a battle like that in a year, if so cool because OU started so far behind the eight ball with him.

The other big thing OU should really hope for is Tausili Akana, the big rusher from Utah. Funny enough, for a kid from Utah, it looks like he’s going to get down to the Oklahoma vs. Texas battle. Brent Venables poured a lot of energy there and took over. Brent is really a big part of his recruiting. Obviously, Miguel Chaves and others have been involved, but this was a guy that Brent identified early on as a different maker. He’s a guy who could really cover up a lot of the loss of Colton Vasek (Texas State and OU reflection).”

TW: How does a transfer portal fit in? Do you think OU will hit the gate harder compared to what they get on the commit list?

JM: This year, Oklahoma is still trying to fill some needs. Jacob Lacey (Notre Dame transfer) is a really good sign of that and trying to find some help on the inside line of defense where they’re going to be really young next year. Having such a warrior who can come and lead your room And helping those guys together… He can obviously do some good things for your team as well.

“In the perfect world of Oklahoma, I almost see them like going grocery shopping at the local grocery store and then using the gate like it’s going to the butcher for steaks. We want to go and pick just some quality players that we think will make a difference for us next year.” Dasan McCullough kid (Indiana transfer) He’s a perfect example. If he’s not a starter on the first day of next year, I’m going to be blown away. He’s that talented and gifted.

“Last year was definitely a year where you had needs and list gaps… This year getting married was a bit of trying to find high-end help and still filling in the list holes. I think by next year, they’re really going to want to be, at most, five Or six guys out of the gate that really helps where they might have an early draft entry or something.”

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