Igor Shesterkin leads Rangers comeback

the New York Rangers They are the hottest team in the NHL right now, having won their last seven games while beating out championship opponents along the way. (Getty Images)

Igor Shesterkin gave rude and unfiltered criticism of his game.


When the New York Rangers fell to their eighth defeat in 12 games on November 28 against their arch-rival… New Jersey Devilsthe Vezina Trophy winner gave us one of the best quotes of the season and candid insight into his thought process.

Shesterkin said: “The goalkeeper played like a s*** again. I feel bad and he played so badly. I feel ashamed.”

“Every goal is (an) easy play for me. I have to stop that. If our team wants to win the game, I have to play better.”

This was not just word of mouth to direct the press. Shesterkin took his self-assessment seriously and plotted a new story in December. New York is on a seven-game winning streak and Shesterkin’s return to the elite level is the main reason why. Shesterkin ranks sixth among all goalkeepers with 10.4 goals saved above expected He has allowed three or fewer goals in his last six games, all wins.

“You need a great goalkeeper in this league and that’s what he did for us. Rangers coach Gerald Gallant said Dec. 11 via After winning 2-1 Colorado Avalanche.

Madison Square Garden is an impressive venue that transcends the world of sports, and when the Rangers are on a wave, it creates a massive advantage. At that goal below, chants of “IGOR” echo through the rink when Philip Shettle The overtime winner is deposited against the Devils on December 12th. Just look at that pass from Panarine. If Shesterkin is the headliner, Panarin, Mika Zibanejad And the Adam Fox They compete for 1B/1C/1D modes.

Panaryn’s slow start, like that of Shesterkin, greatly reflects how Rangers played as a whole. The 31-year-old was on fire, scoring points in 11 of his last 12 games, while displaying incredible passing range through traffic that has consistently cemented his place among the NHL’s top playmakers. He does a much better job during the winning streak navigating space on the rush, finding himself alone in front of the net, and has scored in back-to-back contests against the Blackhawks and Flyers, respectively, as a result. This goal wouldn’t count on the score sheet, but this goal is just sick, nasty, stupid, and guaranteed a straight win for the defending champs.

The Breadman sends home a whole loaf just in time for Christmas, and while no one will give him a Selke vote, he also makes some plays just in time on his end.

Gallant tends to experiment with his front lines and although the Rangers roll, no one group necessarily beats opponents from a possession perspective. panarine, Alexis Lafreniere And the Vincent Troshek It is the most widely used unit in New York, playing 152 minutes 45 seconds in 5-on-5 across , and although he hit Corsi’s 58.73, the streak also produced a 48-percent expected goals percentage, while on the ice for 10 goals, and scored seven. Trial and error has been the name of the game so far, though. Chris Kreider And the capo caco are the most common elements of the four most commonly used New York combinations, all with relative strengths and weaknesses.

New York’s Kid Line line of Kakko, Chytil and Lafrenière caught fire during the team’s run to the Eastern Conference Finals. For a moment, the kids looked like they were going to raise the Rangers beyond Tampa Bay Lightningbefore the juggernaut’s determination, experience, and skills took control. It’s an interesting line to follow, and it’s hard to read. This year, the Kid Line has been on the ice for eight goals for four against, with a marginal shot advantage against opponents, while being primarily used in offensive zone encounters. Kakko has shown he can be a league-plus defender who can lead play at a much better rate than his counting stats indicate – he currently ranks 43rd in single goals projected at 5-on-5, with Trocheck and Zibanejad sitting at 41st and 42nd respectively. . However, there is something insane about their production levels.

Lafrenière and Kakko were cast as the new faces of the franchise when they were named first overall in 2020 and second overall in 2019, respectively. They show flashes of stardom, but they don’t happen often enough, even if Kakko’s deeper player profile shows a picture of a two-way danger coming into his own that would benefit from better shooting luck. Lafreniere sits with five goals and 16 points in 33 games, while Kaku has eight goals and 14 points. Players with meaningful strong running minutes were not trusted. If Rangers roll around, playing their roles, this could be null and void – it’s just that you can expect more from eligible role players given their lineage. We’re higher on the Kakko even if Lafrenière’s skill set is prone to dizzy, jittery highs.

Adam Fox once again remains one of the best defensemen in the NHL and has reached the point where he demands more attention, despite playing in a huge media market, while winning the Norris Trophy in 2021. $17.1 million per season, while ranking 93 percent for defensive tackle and 99 percent for offensive defensemen. It’s easy to forget that Fox turns 25 in February, has just entered his prime and should be mentioned among the best young players in the league, even if he from some of his contemporaries.

Fox hits the point with a patience and vision unmatched by any player in the league except Colorado. Cal Makar. He’s a great playmaker, his ability to anticipate when to join the rush is elite, and he does so casually. Mind Fox in regards to your votes on Norris again, please.

New York is having fun again and aside from Fox, they’re getting some minor contributions from the blue line as well. K’Andre Miller scored a great goal against the Flyers and after a slow start to the season, hover quietly on the border of the pair’s top caliber.

Shesterkin is again among the best goaltenders in the NHL, New York’s best players are playing like their best once again, and the secondary contributors are showing a penchant for admiration. Take your loved ones to Broadway if you feel like it, but New York’s best show this holiday season is still at Madison Square Garden.

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