“I’m glad they did”

After being traded to Cleveland from Dallas in the off-season, a wide receiver Amary Cooper He has had initial success with his new team, in association with Jacobi Brisset To help Brown a 29-17 victory Over the Steelers on Thursday night.

“I’m glad they did,” Brisette told NFL Network insider Tom Pellisero after the game. “I mean he was unbelievable, he’s one of the smartest players I’ve worked so hard with, he gets out here every week, he works hard every day, he does the work and it’s a pleasure to play with him. I know he just wants to keep this thing going.”

Brissett and Cooper tied for seven receptions and 101 yards into the night while calling in two touchdown lanes that propelled Cleveland to edge over their North Asian rival.

After a few quiet first rides from both teams, Brown woke up with a 60-yard drive capped by the 11-yard TD trail to Cooper. Then in the third and one position late in the game, Brissett once again found his man for 32 yards to eventually put the green light. Nick Chubb.

Once a cowboy trade Cooper joined Brown in March after struggling in 2021, and there were questions about how he would perform in Cleveland. But so far, the 28-year-old has thrived in his new town, amassing a total of 219 yards in spurs and 100-plus yard streaks so far. Although Cuper had a slower start to the season opener, scoring only three times, the quarterback said the temporary lull was only because he “was getting PI the whole time.”

Technical director Kevin Stefansky echoed Cooper’s praise, telling reporters he’s running out of adjectives to describe the dynamic receiver.

“I’m trying to find new ways to tell you guys how impressed I am with number two,” Stefanski said. “I mean he’s really, really smart, he’s a great teammate, he runs every road imaginable… He’s so versatile, he’s an actual great receiver, he’s trustworthy. I really enjoy the second one.”

Despite offensive production from Cooper and Brissett, Cleveland almost found themselves on the wrong end of their fourth-quarter comeback for the second week in a row, after Pittsburgh had a chance to retake a kick in the side to try to win the game. . But unlike the Gates on Sunday, the Steelers weren’t able to pull off a successful side kick and Brown held out for victory. Stefanski told them to put the memory of New York’s loss in the back view and to be able to come back with a win that was impressive, and he said a lot about the team’s attitude.

“I’m just proud of them, because that’s not an easy thing to recover from,” Stefanski said. “What I’m proud of with these guys is that you can’t let the loss linger. And we won’t let that win linger either, but I’m proud of how they responded. You have to be flexible.”

After a tough win over a top-tier opponent on a short one-week break, Browns will have a longer break before facing the Hawks in week four, and see if they can maintain their burgeoning offensive chemistry.

“It just shows you the strength of this team, the mental toughness of this team, the physical toughness,” Brissett said. “After a short week, we knew it was going to be a 60-minute match, and we prepared for that, and it took every bit of it. So, happy with what we did today, we will continue to build.”

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