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Tiger Woods is a golf legend who has made many achievements in the field of golf. But the 15-time champion can sometimes surprise us with some of his antics. Something like that happened with Woods’ choice of hairstyle in a photo that went viral, leaving fans in utter shock!

Old photos of Tiger Woods have gone viral and fans were quick to comment.


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Strange photos of Tiger Woods

Shane Bacon, a golf nerd, subscriber His best Presidents Cup moment on Twitter. He had Tiger Woods in the frame with a very different and unexpected hairstyle. Fans were shocked and couldn’t believe it. He was wearing a blue formal jacket with a tie but his hair was completely weird.

We saw him in his signature red shirt on Sundays, but this was a look no one expected. As can be seen from the photos, the former #1 has spots of blonde hair in between his black hair. This scene was something Woods fans never imagined they would see.

The internet went crazy about his invisible hairstyle and flooded the comments section with their opinions.

Fans react to Woods’ shocking photos!

Woods fans’ reaction wasn’t too surprising. Some fans were skeptical and believed, at first, that the photo had been edited or falsified. Some fans have come up with more unseen photos of Woods with different hairstyles. Woods’ fans were so curious about his signature hairstyle that they wanted to know the year the photo in question was taken.

Some even thought this patchy blonde look was caused by some bets he seemed to be losing. And this wasn’t the only time he chose blonde over black. Once I became completely blond.


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Fans desperately tried to find answers, but unfortunately for them, they could not find any reason for Woods to choose such a strange hairdo. Some fans have digging up other photos of the Tiger Woods blonde to add to the amusement. Some fans simply did not pay attention to the photo. However, they focused more on the Presidents Cup. According to them, the Presidents Cup takes from the Ryder Cup. It was only exciting for a while and is irrelevant now.


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What do you think of Woods’ hairstyle in these weird photos? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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