Is Timo Meyer the new top trading target for the New York Rangers?



The New York Rangers have always been associated with him Patrick Kane As a commercial lease on Deadline but according to an insider, Timo Meier has become their number one target.

“I’m told Timo Meier of the San Jose Sharks has climbed to the top of their list,” said Frank Serravalle of the Daily Vesuv.

Meyer, 26, is having a great season with 25 goals and 46 points in 45 games. It’s not a pure lease because it will be an RFA with arbitration rights and has a qualifying offer of $10 million.

Let’s break this down into more detail.

Timo Meyer top Rangers trade candidate?

December 3, 2021; New York, New York, USA; New York Rangers left winger Chris Kreider (20) and San Jose Sharks right winger Timo Meyer (28) battle for the puck during the first period at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

What do you not like about Timo Meier? It’s big and small and it can score. If he were to be traded, a lot of teams would be lining up to make that deal since Meyer doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

Any team that acquires Meyer will have to fork out a first-round pick, MVP, and prospect. For the sake of argument, let’s say GM Chris Drury is willing to give up one of his 2023 first-round picks, Alexis Lafrenière, to either Zack Jones or Matthew Robertson.

amazing! Maybe a done deal.

So, will the Rangers really qualify Meyer with $10 million? It is unlikely that he will then make it to UFA. It’s not smart to give away these assets if you’re only viewing Meyer as rent.

In fact, the trading team for Meier will want to discuss an extension first. The winger is stepping away from a $6 million contract with AAV and taking a year into his career. This puts him in line for a maximum term deal with AAV at around $8.5 million. I used Nashville Predators winger Philip Forsberg as a collaborator to come up with this number.

There’s no way the Rangers can afford that given their current salary cap situation and the money they’ve tied up in the veterans with no complete no-move clauses. Let’s not forget, even if Lafreniere gets traded, you have to pay K’Andre Miller, Filip Chytil and Vitali Kravtsov this summer.

I also highly doubt the Rangers will ask Chris Kreider or Jacob Trueba to waive non-trade clauses this summer, and I highly doubt either of them will agree. Fans will need to wait until the summer of 2024, when the no-move clause is fully amended before making any major trade or signing a free agent.

What angle is in the Mayer rumor?

While I’m not disregarding Seravalli’s report, it’s hard to see how this fits into the Rangers’ future plans. It’s also possible that this was a bit of shrewdness by the Rangers to get speculation about other players out there.

Meyer fits that bill, especially since Sharks GM Mike Grier has been with the Rangers organization and is friends with Chris Drury.

So while Meyer was intriguing, I still think Patrick Kane is the number one target for Rangers because he’s a real hire.

Regarding Kane, this speculation dates back to last season, and it makes a lot of sense. The team needs to address the position of the right winger in the second line if they are to win the cup this summer. Filling that gap with a short-term fix is ​​the best answer, especially if they want to win more than one championship.

Artemi Panarin’s reunion with Kane is something many would love to see, especially since they have great chemistry together. On the spot, Panarin will give a player who understands his game well and can read what he is trying to do on the ice.

Kane also has a clause of complete immobility which means he can decide where he goes. Last season, Claude Giroud was in the same situation and told the Flyers he was only going to the Florida Panthers. Philadelphia was tied up because they were only able to extract potential Owen Tippett, a conditional Top 10 2024 draft pick in the first round, and a third-round pick in 2023.

If Kane only wanted to play on Broadway, the Rangers wouldn’t be bidding against themselves. However, the Blackhawks will still be able to extract better than what Philly got unless the Rangers can convince them they have other options that they like better.

Trade deadline has begun.

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