It’s time to break the warriors curse


the NBA Finals This was a blessing Boston Celtics Team. After years of failure, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown finally led their team to the Eastern Conference Championship and earned the right to compete for this biggest prize in basketball.


Unfortunately, it was their opponents Golden State Warriors, a team that knows what it takes to lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy and that excels at shaking its opponents by getting in their heads over the course of a series. For all the rhetoric surrounding a lousy series for Tatum or the clearly struggling Robert Williams, the truth is that Golden State won the mental battles; They won because they knew how to handle Boston – the problem is, they still do.

When the Celtics entered San Francisco in early December, they were brimming with confidence, and fresh wins over Brooklyn NetworksAnd Toronto RaptorsAnd Phoenix Suns. Up to that point, the Celtics had only lost five games, losing only once on consecutive occasions.

Against the Warriors, however, the weight of that fateful Finals weighed too heavy, and throughout the 48-minute period Boston began to fall apart as Golden State slowly turned up the pressure. What followed was the worst series of games of Boston’s season so far. los angeles clippers losses, Orlando Magic (twice) f Indiana Pacers It all followed in quick succession as the Celtics looked disillusioned with confidence, and their free offense began to slip into old seasons.

It’s been two weeks until we start to see the return of Mazzola-Ball and his confident flaunting on the field. Two weeks of heavy losses. Two weeks of questionable offers. It’s all because the Warriors win the mind games…again.

Disturbingly, things look strikingly similar going into Thursday’s game as the Celtics hope to hold up the season’s series 1-1. Boston hasn’t lost since losing on January 3 at the… Oklahoma City Thunder They entered their match against the defending champions in seven matches.

Now is the time for Jayson Tatum & co. To dispel the demons of last summer. To prove to themselves that they can not only hold on to the warriors but defeat them. Normally, I would argue that a regular season win over your Western opponent twice a year doesn’t mean much, but on this occasion, it says it all.

Sometimes, you just need to get over the hump, to stand up to that outspoken bully in the office or classroom and to stand your ground in the face of adversity. The Golden States Memories celebrations must be fresh in our minds, especially those of the players who spent the summer mourning an opportunity they felt was lost to them.

Assuming Jaylen Brown is healthy and free to play, the Celtics will be at full strength in this contest. More importantly, it’s worth noting that the Browns are usually the only player Golden State struggles to slow down — he went for 31 in their December meeting and middle 23.5/7.3/3.7 during the playoff series, with shooting holes of 43.1/34/80.6.

It looks like Robert Williams will be back to his best, which, compared to his limited ability during the postseason, is a significant factor, and of course, Malcolm Brogdon has settled into the rotation a bit more. The Celtics have all the tools and all the talent to take on an aging Warriors team and finally put their six-game series on their minds.

Of course, Tatum’s performance would likely have a significant impact on the outcome of the match; If anyone needs to see the ball drop early and often, it’s him. However, the Warriors’ mental superiority extends far beyond Tatum’s, and for the Celtics to succeed, they will need to stick to a game plan that has seen them harvest the best record in the NBA, with one of the most balanced offenses on defense. League approach.

Thursday’s game at TD Garden is not only the 46th game of their season, it’s probably the most important game of their season. Since Golden State has to do what they always do and figure things out in the postseason, we’ll likely see a repeat of last summer’s classics, and for Boston, the last thing you want is to go to that series having not won a game award against them since game three. .

The Celtics have a chance to break the curse the Warriors have placed on them. We hope they continue to play their trademark basketball and prove that they are the better, deeper team and that they are ready for anything thrown at them in game time.

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