Jeffrey Dahmer’s dad shares shocking Dr. Phil details about his son’s “prankster” obsession with bone-rattling sound


Jeffrey Dahmer’s father has shared shocking details about his son’s “disingenuous” behavior before he was discovered to be one of the most notorious serial killers in history.


Talking to Dr. Phil, Leonl dahmer Tell About his son’s obsession with dead animals and crunching bones before he was convicted of killing 17 boys and men.



Jeffrey Dahmer was convicted of killing 17 boys and young men in 1991Credit: Alamy
His father, Lionel, talks to Dr. Phil about his son's strange childhood obsessions


His father, Lionel, talks to Dr. Phil about his son’s strange childhood obsessionsCredit: Dr. Phil
Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment where he brutally murdered 12 and kept the skulls, severed hands and male genitalia pictured above


Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment where he brutally murdered 12 and kept the skulls, severed hands and male genitalia pictured aboveCredit: Milwaukee Police Department
The above barrel, containing human remains in acid, was found by police in the killer's apartment


The above barrel, containing human remains in acid, was found by police in the killer’s apartmentCredit: Milwaukee Police Department

Lionel wrote in his 1994 book that as a child, Jeffrey He had charm with the rotting carcass of an animal that was under their house, and played with the bones, referring to them as “a sparrow.”

“It smelled awful, so I went under it and cleaned it up, skunk smell, and collected them all,” Lionel told Dr. Phil in the undated interview that aired Wednesday.

Lionel added, “And Jeff seemed to take an interest in the way he clattered himself when he was picking it up and putting it in a metal pail. He just laughed at it, squealed it, and that was it.”

Lionel, now 86, was also asked about the time Jeffrey stabbed a dog’s head on a stick, something the father only learned about during the killer’s trial.

Dahmer's victims reveal pathological details about Dr. Phil and say Netflix got it wrong

He said to Dr. Phil: “I asked him about it, and he said he was back in the woods, our neighbors far away.

“He said he found this dog,” Lionel said of his son. “I don’t know if it’s really true, that he cut off his head and put in a stick.”

When asked what warning signs he missed in his son, Lionel replied that Geoffrey was “very secretive and cunning”.

The father and his second wife Shari, who join him in the interview, discuss Jeffrey’s first murder, which occurred when his mother left him when he was 18.

The couple said they found Jeffrey alone in the family home, and said he looked like an “abandoned animal”.

“It’s the first time he’s felt so lonely,” his stepmother explained. “It’s the first time he’s gone out looking for someone to stay with. He felt abandoned.”

“He actually did the first murder,” Lionel added, referring to hitchhiker Stephen Hicks, whom Geoffrey had already killed while staying in the house alone.

Two of Jeffrey’s victims also spoke During the first episode of Dr. Phil’s three-day special about Dahmer and his victims.

said McGraw TMZ That many family members destroy Victims were hurt by Netflix’s decision to create a drama series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.

Many said the show forced them to open old wounds.

Since his son’s death, Lionel has participated in several television shows and documentaries, including Biography, Dateline NBC, and Dahmer on Dahmer: A Serial Killer Speaks.

However, Lionel wasn’t happy with the recent exposure of his son’s crimes, and has been seeking legal advice on whether he should file a lawsuit against Netflix. Dahmer – The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer StoryA source told the US Sun.

Lionel is said to be upset at not being contacted regarding the controversial show, which he believes charmed his son’s crimes, According to his caregiver.

He is also said to be unhappy with this streaming giant Netflix Permission was not asked for Use tapes made by Dahmer’s legal team About the new documentaries Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes.

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Lionel has been living out the twilight years of his life in a quiet village in the countryside Ohio.

Since the show’s release and renewed interest in daughterHe refused to speak but was said to have left a “nervous wreck”.

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