Jesse Boss believes rookie Max Christie can develop into a good long-term player for the Lakers

even before Lakers picked rookie Max Christie 35 overall In this year’s draft, their goal was to get a player who could be on the team for the long-term. The Exploration Division, led by Lakers assistant general manager and co-owner Jesse Boss, searched for a prospect that exemplifies the modern style of basketball, meaning someone with superior shooting skills, size, athleticism, defense and height.

It just so happened that Kristi has been on Buss’ radar since 2019, when he was Michigan State Producer emerged and took gold on the USA U-16 team at FIBA ​​Americas. Three years later, the 19-year-old was billed as one of the best shooters in his class and offered strong two-way potential at the NBA Draft Combine that Buss was very hard to miss.

In a recent interview with Mike Trudel of Lakers.comBoss revealed that the Lakers chose to gamble on Christie’s long-term development because they believed Christie would thrive under Darvin’s Important System and Insights for the present and the future.

MT: To zoom in on this year’s pick, what’s the thought process for Draft Day?

Boss: We were looking for two or three players, all of whom had scores in the first round. Max was the highest on the board. But it was definitely close. There were a lot of talented men on the board. We felt comfortable with Max because his arrival here with the coach and his crew is important, Max will develop into a very good player, in the long run, for us.

Like what?

Boss: From a talent perspective. There was plenty of room to grow with him. At a young age, he had very good grip, and very good mid-range game. I think he can develop into a good NBA shooter. (Legendary scout and Lakers assistant coach/adviser) Bill Burtka always says, “He has real size for his position.” For two guards Kristi’s height (6’6”) and height, he really is honest about his position. He is not a petite man. We believe that he can protect many positions once he becomes stronger. He’s a good athlete – he has tested as one of the best athletes in his position in combination, verticality and agility, and we think he has a very good height. It can be disabled for this purpose.

Banking with a potential client miles away from being an immediate contributor to the Lakers’ current roster was certainly a bold choice. But if Christie who Rob Pelinka He said the draft was chosen unanimously by the front officemanaged to be Immediate major shareholder And adapts to the highest level in the sport as quickly as possible Austin Reeves did last seasonSo, that will be a welcome sight and a huge plus for Los Angeles this season.

Christie is out one season with the Spartans when he averaged 9.3 points in 31.7% 3 shootouts in 35 games. His few participations in the Summer League last July left much to be desired as his inexperience and lack of strength compared to his peers was revealed. It also didn’t help that he only made 20% of his 3.1-point attempts per game last summer, which only proved that he’s still a developmental player in the making.

Despite Christie’s quiet performance in the summer league, he still showed glimpses of his potential. Aside from his well-publicized shot, a rookie player has the ability to influence the game with his height, defensive ability, and determination. His defense on the ball, smooth buoyancy and ball handling skills, in particular, should allow him to excel at the right time.

Ultimately, Christie was picked by the Lakers to be a long-term project, so having a high-profile production out of it this season is a bonus. Only time will tell whether the rookie is worth the risk of the 35th pick and whether Jesse Boss has once again won the gold in this year’s draft.

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