Joc Pederson accepts Giants qualifying offer – pros and cons


Jock Pederson is back. The giants He made him a qualified offer and he accepted it. While it remains to be seen who is the highest paid Giant next season, there is a strong chance that the second highest paid Giant will be Pederson, who will bring in $19.65 million next season.


Let’s talk about how this can be a good thing. Let’s talk about how this can be a bad thing.

Re-signing Pederson is good Because Pederson’s wild, weird and volatile season in 2022 has made it hard to appreciate just how productive he really is. It turned out to be really productive. Not kinda productive, but really, really, truly productive. Here is a list of the best OPS+ in baseball this season, with a minimum of 400 game appearances:

1. Aaron Judge, 211 OPS+
2. Jordan Alvarez187
3. Paul Goldschmidt180
4. Mike Trout178
5. Jose Altuve160
6. Manny Machado159
7. Nolan Arenado154
8. Freddie Freeman152
9. Juan Soto149
10. Jose Ramirez148
11. Julius Rodriguez147
12. Alonso House146
13. Shuhei Ohtani145
14. Bryce Harper145
15- Jock Pederson 144

There are all kinds of players under Pederson, from Alex Bergman To Vladimir Guerrero Jr Mookie Pets For Carlos Correa, but look at the company he kept last season. Give or take, this is a laundry list of the best players in baseball, including the eventual MVP. Pederson keeps his own with most of them. You will notice Kyle Schwarber – Fellow Beef Dealer and Postseason Champion – Not listed. This is because it was only ranked 35th in adjusted OPS.

And all this happened despite Pederson’s prolonged disappearance. he had One of the worst runs in franchise historyand went over a month and a half without a single home run, but this one was blocked How productive it was to finish the season. How good is Pederson overall? About as good as Pete Alonso and Shuhei Ohtani, give or take.

If you ignore the defense—400 pounds if that’s for sure—it’s hard to find many hitters who have had more productive seasons than Pederson.

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Giants dangle $19.65 million carrot to Jock Pederson, turn down Evan Longoria option

It’s bad If Pederson has to play on the field a lot. This is an impressive list of players ranked by OPS Adjusted, but if you search by WAR, Pederson was the 139th player in baseball, behind three different players who finished below Mendoza’s streak. According to WAR, he was less valuable than Michael Taylor – a nine-man defensive specialist. It was less valuable on this scale than Max Keplerwho hit .227/.318/.348 for twinswith nine home runs.

That’s because defense matters, and Pederson’s dozens of extra home runs didn’t quite make up for the dozens of dropped pop flies that resulted in big innings. If you look at The players around him are rated WAR800+ OPS for a mile either way. His defense not only hurts his value; eliminate it.

The 2022 Giants have convinced you of the importance of team defense. Uncle, I cried, after watching the bubbles, the boots and the blunders from almost every position all season. They’ve acknowledged that the team’s defense will be a top priority in this offseason, and there’s no way they’ll achieve that goal if Pederson is on the field more than he needs to be.

It’s a good thing If Pederson’s salary does not affect the rest of the off-season. As in, if the Giants are going to have a $200 million payroll without him or with a $220 million payroll, sure, throw it on top of the heap. It’s easy to think of a team’s payroll as money in the wallet, and that the $20 million the Giants committed to him is money that’s gone from the wallet forever. But payroll is usually a lot more flexible than that, and as long as the team isn’t done with luxury taxes, there’s a way to fit someone like Pederson into the budget.

Pederson was It is always likely that he will be one of the 26 best players the Giants can grill. Forget the salary, forget the defense. It’s impossible to imagine an offseason event in which the Giants add so much talent that Pederson isn’t one of the top 26 picks. Platoon starter, fourth outfielder, fifth outfielder, DH platoon, whatever the plan, Pederson probably helps if used properly. “If it’s used properly,” he says, clearing his throat with the lead.

It’s bad If that money causes the Giants to lose Aaron Judge. Or Tria Turner. Or Carlos Rodon. Or Brandon Nemo. Or literally any of the few dozen free agents that will be available to them. Pedersen is kind of a standout, with talents and flaws, uses and pitfalls. He will help and help the team, which already has a lot. He will not be the basis of a team that is still striving to find influential players.

It’s tempting to give Schwarber a good chunk of credit to the Phillies pennant, but he doesn’t come close without Zack Wheelerand Brice Harper JT Realmoto. if it was Veles They weren’t willing to sign any or all of those players because they were paying Schwarber an exorbitant salary, which would have been a huge mistake. It could have been a cost error.

Only the Giants know how much of an impact Pederson has on the budget, but I think they made the qualifying bid for him because they thought they would spend ($x) on an outfielder/DH type to round out his production, and they wouldn’t. I don’t mind paying a small premium to get the actual Pedersen.

It’s a good thing Because it was easy to appreciate Pederson’s sweet folly in the dugout and in the clubhouse, and Giants fans really warmed up to him. They didn’t warm up to him so much that they would overlook Judge accidentally re-signing with Yankees For an additional $19.65 million on the Giants’ offer, but Pederson was a good fit. He doesn’t yet make enough to buy a home in his hometown of Palo Alto, but he’s getting close. Just a few more years like this, and he’ll get there (if he’s well saved).

It’s bad something If the giants are really going to stick to the super faction strategy again. it was there 353 players played more plate games against left-handed shooters last year, so there’s a little bit of an asterisk in the OPS+ ranking from there. Giants and manager Gabe Kapler had to twist, twist and dribble to boost Price’s stats, and it was both cumbersome and effective.

If they were to do it with Pederson and JD Davis In DH’s spot Austin Slater And the Mike Yastrzemsky On an external site, that’s fine. There is always room for arrangements to mix the two.

If they were to do this in every… situation… with… every… other… player… on their… roster, it would be another crazy season. I think about this a lot:

This was an 0-2 unbeaten attempt, two runners up and the Giants most productive in the lead. It could have been worse – he could have done it With a platoon advantage in the World Championships — but it was a great example of how a gamer can be both useful and limited. Dude can’t hit left-handers, who make up about a quarter of the population on the field.

You can put players like this on the list. It’s more difficult to fit in several, especially when you want to avoid playing some on the field.

It’s something. That’s all we know now. If that sounds non-committal, well, yes. We need to see the rest of the off-season first. If the Giants do indeed get Aaron Judge, you won’t be upset when Pederson scores fifth down behind him. If they get Mitch Haniger, the platoons will enjoy when they work the way they’re supposed to, and you’ll curse them when one of them hits against a same-side pitcher in the ninth inning at Dodger Stadium.

If the only other player they’ve got is Jake Marisnick, because they’re already spending a lot on Pedersen, you’d have ideas. noisy thoughts. And you won’t be wrong.

It’s easy to see how Pederson’s return could be part of a balanced off-season breakfast, and it’s also easy to see how it could be an unimaginable part of a very disappointing off-season. As of now, though, the Giants’ projected 26-man roster is unequivocally better than it was yesterday. It’s what they’re doing at the other 25 sites that will change your mind about postseason prospects.

(Photo: Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

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