Joe Flacco and other sleepovers in the squad

Sleeper, of course, is an ambiguous term. Use whatever definition suits you. Likewise, this column is what you want it to be. Maybe that week’s start/sit call will help, or the DFS decision. You may apply the information to support over/under. Maybe you’ll add a player to the fantasy bench with depth, but don’t publish it this week. There is no wrong way to digest this piece

Last week was not a legendary sleeper leaf, But we had some hits. Carson Wentz Enter. Greg Dorch Scored. Trillon borax It hasn’t exploded yet, but it’s still a reasonable depth; The tape is encouraging.

Let’s get you some The winners for week 3.

We spent the summer telling you how wonderful it is Elijah Mor he is. And we spent the past week flocking to a rookie receiver Garrett Wilson.

With those rookie planes on hand, shouldn’t we say some nice things about Flacco?

The Gates Receiver Room – Corey Davis Not bad either – he could drag Flacco into an imaginary relationship. Flacco quietly shines in QB9 in two weeks, possession of the ball as he navigates his revenge tour of North Asia. And while size drives a lot of this value, so what? aircraft defense Ranked last in DVOA, so the New York crime is likely to keep up. The ball will remain in the air for three hours.

I accept the Flacco as a sneaky Superflex QB2 option or a $23 DFS payment option. I might be hitting some Flacco props this week as well.

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Although the Colts were in poor condition in their first week, they hit a new low in their second week closing loss in Jacksonville.

Matt Ryan‘s Not only at the back of his ninth career, he may have started at 18. Take Michael Bateman Jr. Off the field, the Indianapolis passer is toothless.

Maybe there’s some sneaky bite here after all. Dulin started off last week and had a credible losing streak, posting a 5-79-0 streak on seven goals. His sudden share nearly doubled from the first week; He was on the field 64 percent of the time in Jacksonville.

This role could be continued or expanded. Paris Campbell Shows no signs of being a good NFL receiver, and the Colts don’t seem to know how to unleash a tight end Mo Ali Cox. Dulin deserves a deep add-on for guesswork later in the season and will likely return a profit on his modest $11 mark at Yahoo DFS.

Travis Etienne, RB, Jaguar (in chargers)

The James Robinson The return is fun, inspiring and wonderful. Etienne made some mistakes by the young players in the opening two weeks. We can’t ignore that Jacksonville tends to Robinson. He has 37 touches in two matches, compared to only 18 for Etienne.

But do not dispose of the baby with the bath water. Efficiency is also important. Etienne scores 6.6 yards per touch, compared to Robinson’s modest 4.0 yards. Ultimately, this kind of playmaking skill should dictate more involvement at the time level, or perhaps a background led by Etienne.

Jaguars are a brave group in 2022, but they deserve to be an underdog in Los Angeles, Capture seven points in the spread. Jacksonville will probably be in catch-up mode for most of the day. Sunday may be the match in which Etienne will justify why the competition is so fierce for him during the renewal season. It’s a good time to tell a fellow league that you “want to get a kick back” and see if he suggests a move where you get a disappointing Etienne. See if you can time the market.

Jacksonville Jaguars pulling back on Travis Etienne Jr. has disappointed fantasy directors so far, but that could change this week.  (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
Jacksonville Jaguars The retreat from Travis Etienne Jr. has disappointed fantasy directors so far, but that could change this week. (Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Irv Smith, TE, Vikings (v. Detroit)

The Lions are the height of the NFL carnival right now, an offense to score and a defense to wave opponents through. You want points, you’ve got them. Want fancy points, get a calculator.

Smith may look like an obvious call after he posted a touchdown on Monday (and dropped a second call, a long one). But given that it only stands TE18 in the year, there is probably room for growth. And Smith is the minimum stone for Yahoo DFS, which is $10. This is a free yard.

I was Adam Thelin A fan and even a defender for many years, but perhaps Thielen at the age of 32 is finally on his decline. This could be an acceleration of a potential year for Smith’s hack.

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Eagles DST (in Washington)

Philadelphia is a hot team right now. The Galen Hurts You smashed the odds of the best player in the world. AJ Brown smashed at the opening, Defonta Smith Flashed the second game. Dallas Guedert It cannot be stopped by conventional methods. until Miles Sanders Score again.

Want to be exposed to this NFC East juggernaut but can’t add anyone from the paragraph above? Check out Eagles DST. Even with some active action this week, it’s still available in 50 percent of Yahoo’s tournaments.

Week 3 pits the Eagles against Carson Wentz – Washington’s offensive has fun chops, but Wentz will make some mistakes every week as well. It is possible to add eagles and remain for a period of time. Philadelphia could be favored for the remainder of its 2022 schedule, as silly as that might sound. It’s the right year for a South Asian chart to be a crossover division.

Whenever possible, you want the expected DST to win. You want leverage, you want to play with the lead. Most often, this will be the Eagles of 2022. Let them sniff.

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