Joe Schoen admits the hard truth about the talent gap between the Eagles and Giants


Sometimes the truth hurts. Even when it needs to be told.


No one who’s seen the Giants get eliminated from the playoffs with A noncompetitive 38-7 loss to the Eagles At Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday it can be said that the two teams are close in the NFL selection standings. Anyone who remembers the Eagles picking their way up with the Giants in a Week 14 48-22 rout at MetLife Stadium was aware of the disparity with those two teams.

For the Giants to continue the progress they’ve made this season, they’ll have to solve the Eagles conundrum and find a way to win a few games in the NFC East. Joe Schoen realized this after his first year as general manager. At this point, the Giants would be no match for the Eagles.

“I would say yes,” Schoen said Monday. “There is a talent gap that we need to fill.”

The Eagles became the first team to beat the Giants three times in a single season – they also won 22-16 in Philadelphia in the regular season finale, with the Giants resting their starting players. The playoff loss put the Giants 1-5-1 against their division. They were 9-3 against the rest of the league.


Quarterback Daniel Jones was sacked by Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham during the fourth quarter of the playoff game.
Charles Winzelberg/New York Post

“If you win a degree, the rest takes care of itself,” Schoen said. “So, that will always be our goal: to bridge that gap and be the NFC East champion.”

This is now officially the off season. The spring exercise program begins April 17. Coach Brian Dabul alerted the players to this during a recent team meeting, knowing full well that this date is not about many individuals in the room.

“Like I told the players when they left how much I appreciate their work and commitment to the team, but unfortunately not all of you will be here,” said Daboll. “I was hoping you could pack it up and then put it back on April 17th, the people in the benches are there and everyone kind of worked together, they’ve had some tough times. But that’s not the point. So whatever new people are here, you have to get them into your system. You have to “You bring them with you. You have to build team chemistry. And every team I’ve been a part of has been different. No one team is the same.”

One area where the Giants haven’t shown enough improvement this season: keeping their team healthy. This was especially true of the rookie class, where five of the 11 starters in the class suffered season-ending injuries.

“We’re working through that, specifically the junior class,” Schoen said. “Is it the young players coming in, the rehab process? Are we doing it right? We’ll turn every card to find out because healthy players give us the best chance of winning. We’ve had some ACLs this year. We’ve had some MCLs, stingers. So, we’ll be taking a deep dive into Change our season and we’re doing everything we can to try to improve that, that way we can be the healthiest we can be.

Giants general manager Joe Schoen speaks to the media on January 23.
Corey Sipkin

Remember, the meeting was with the giants Free agent Odell Beckham Son back in early December? Here’s the detail, Schoen explains: “Dinner was good.” As for the possibility of returning the much-injured Beckham to the Giants—he was their 2014 first-round draft pick—Schoen was a non-committal.

“We’ll look, when we have this informal meeting, every position that’s available,” Schoen said. “Who are the potential players – who can we sign? Again, we’ll make the plan from there. That’s kind of where we are now.”

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