Jonathan Gannon talks about the Eagles’ success with lightning strikes

The Eagles’ defense was significantly better against the Vikings in the second week, and defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon spoke to reporters Thursday about their blitz success and his thoughts on their four-man dash. He also talked about preparing for Carson Wentz and captains with different players skill.

Here’s what DC said:

On Monday night, he won

“I think the coaches and the players did a good job on the execution. We played four quarters. The things that we confirmed over the course of the week, I thought they did a good job of receiving training, setting up the way we needed to prepare and execute. And some of the things that we needed to clean up quickly, we cleaned up.”

Looking forward to the challenge this week, on the way, the division game. They have a lot of good players out there, and our guys will be ready to step in.”

Gannon acknowledged that a lot of their game planning was focused on Justin Jefferson last week, saying that when you do research you look at how they score, and that WR is a big factor for the Vikings.

DC talked about how really good corner kicks start off the defensive line, and that was the case against Minnesota.

“When the fronts rush in and wins are as high as they were, it makes the quarterback uncomfortable, and sometimes he has to throw before he wants to throw it, or the timing can be off a little bit.”

He said it takes all 11 players working together to succeed, and the players understand that. But he said he felt the entire backend was having a good game.

on their effective attack

“I don’t know if it’s more efficient, I think we can publish some of them in the game because situations came up and we decided when we put the game plan together, that’s when we want to use some of these calls – and a lot of times, these calls come up in a game , but it doesn’t pay off so to speak. So, I thought the guys did a good job when those were called. Some of that pressure was called in, they executed them, the rush got there and we stopped covering.”

In preparation for Carson Wentz

He didn’t want to give up on the match plan, but said generally they are looking to influence the midfielder before and after the shot and will need to win their singles matches.

“[Carson Wentz]Light it up now. This is a huge time challenge. He has a big arm, he can do off-schedule plays, he has a really good skill, and their team does a good job, when they need to protect him, they protect him. So, we faced a huge challenge.”

Gannon later cited Curtis Samuel, Josh Ductson and Terry McLaurin as some of the skilled players he would have to prepare for, and also noted that they had a good ending and good backs. He says they’ll have to do different things in different coverage, and have the leaders find the weak point in each coverage. They will also have to figure out how to play Washington Attack and then make some in-game tweaks as needed.

On the Eagles Rush of 4 men

“I think we’re winning at a high rate. I think if we keep winning at a high rate, the production will come. I saw two bags, the tape bag next door. [Fletcher Cox]And the [Josh Sweat] Game finished. A couple of those shots were four men dashing. Some players win if they hit a quarterback. So, I love where we are now and this is another part of our game, just like every part, which we will always try to constantly improve and improve.”

Other notables

  • Gannon later talked a little bit about their schematic philosophy and game planning and how they have a certain number of calls ready each week, but the number of calls that are used fluctuates with what their opponent shows on game day.
  • coach Nick Sirani said on Wednesday That Gannon was good at blocking outside noise, DC agreed and said focusing on that—the good and the bad—is a recipe for disaster. So, he feels no more pressure this week than he did last week.
  • Gannon said CJ Gardner-Johnson was making progress, and was doing well in the penalty area and in the passing game. Noting that it’s important safety is reliably in place, every time, DC said CGJ has taken a huge leap in that regard from week one to week two.

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