Kawakami: Quick thoughts on the Warriors’ deadline pressure and the 49ers’ big challenge


what the Warriors Do – or No Do, perhaps most importantly – the next few weeks leading up to the February 9 trade deadline will tell us a lot about how the front office handled this fateful upcoming season and how much championship life they believe is left at the core of this team.


Because you can look back at Thursday night’s thrilling overtime loss and think, yeah, when you have Stephen Curry and Draymond Green and Klay Thompson so healthy and so focused on proving everyone wrong again, you have a chance at winning another title, so why make drastic changes on the fly? And if Jordan Paul plays that kind of two-way game, all of a sudden The new lineup of Steve Kerr He looks very dangerous in potential playoff matches against him MemphisAnd Denver or New Orleans.

You could also infer that the Warriors aren’t nearly as deep as they were in previous title runs, including last season, they’re 0.500 to 55 percent short of a season for some reason, and they’re not likely to survive in four playoff runs. Without the home court advantage and with only eight or nine players to count on.

So I have a dual conclusion from that Boston PERFORMANCE: Not only has this Warriors season been proven to be salvageable but it’s true Deserve trying to save.

But to do so, the Warriors will have to sacrifice a significant portion of their future. and done that, the Warriors brass should have a pretty good idea that the Curry Draymond-Clay era is good for next season. Do they have that knowledge? to be announced later on.

• Draymond is the focal point for the present and future here. Almost always is. He has a player option for next season – the Warriors rarely offer that (Kevin Durant was the former exception), but they did so for Draymond to admit he extended his deal several times when he would have gotten more if he had waited for it and it entered the open market. Those were his own decisions, but this time the Warriors rewarded him with player choice. Which will take both sides to the brink next summer.

There’s no reason for Draymond to make up his mind until July. He’s letting this season play right before making any statements. He knows the veterans are in a luxury tax crisis. They have Jonathan Cuminga and James Wiseman, two young players who could theoretically fill in some of his minutes in the future.

But not one, two, or even three players are going to replace even 75 percent of what Draymond has done for this franchise for years. Is this worth a two-year, $50 million extension in July? $60 million? Does Draymond want a fresh start somewhere else? we will see. But running deep this summer, if the Warriors can manage that, will go a long way to getting both sides working to keep this thing together in 2023-24.

• I doubt the Warriors will consider trading Kuminga. He’s the only recent lottery pick to earn a spot in Kerr’s rotation (when he’s healthy) and he’s the one who still has the potential to be a superstar. Of course, Wiseman was injured too much (and he’s in pain now) and his performance is too spotty to put in that category. Moses Moody’s DNP-CD on Thursday, when Kerr played just eight players, is all you need to know about Moody’s place in the roster hierarchy.

It’s not clear what the value of Weizmann or Moody – or Weizmann and Moody (or even Patrick Baldwin Jr.) in a package – is in the commercial market right now. Maybe not that much. But maybe the Warriors can make an offer to get a rotational player like Jacob Boltle, Alex Caruso or Eric Gordon?

I get that there are gray areas here. Not fully explained. There is danger everywhere. But is preserving Wiseman’s future potential with the Warriors at the expense of what’s now possible with Curry, the franchise’s greatest player, really what the Warriors want to do here?

If the Warriors had not seriously considered such a move by February 9, this could indicate that they are unsure or do not plan for Draymond’s return. That’s why they want to stick to Weizmann. And I know Joe Lacob and Bob Myers love their young players and don’t want to start burning up future draft picks. This is not illogical at all. What if they move and still go short this summer? That would be a disaster.

But especially after that great effort in Boston on Thursday, betting on Curry-Draymond-Klay once again seems pretty consistent with the thinking that made the Warriors who they are now.

• Think Final Warriors: While this season continues, I don’t think the Warriors will start next season with those three players on the roster and payroll – Draymond, Wiseman and Jordan Poole. If you know that, and two of those three are helping you right now and one isn’t, then perhaps you can make an early decision on this matter.

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• at some point, Brooke Purdy It wouldn’t look great on a big game. Maybe that will contribute to a file 49ers losing the match. This could come on Sunday against a very dangerous one dallas Team. May come the next weekend in Philadelphia. It might not come until the next postseason, who knows. All quarterbacks are prone to a snag or two in elimination moments.

But unless he completely falls apart, it’s pretty clear that the seven-game Purdy has proven him to be the 49ers’ best QB option going forward. In fact, I’m pretty sure the 49ers’ chiefs decided that a while ago (my guess: right after the victory in Seattle, based on the looks on the faces of several executives that night).

• Note, since we’re into the 49ers-Cowboys nostalgia: 25-year-old Joe Montana threw 3 interceptions (and 3 touchdowns, one of them rather big) in the NFC giant’s January 1982 victory over NFC title Dallas. Montana’s regular season TD/INT ratio was 19/12 and he had a passer rating of 88.4. You don’t have to be a perfect little QB to show that you’re the man.

I am Not Saying that Purdy is Montana. I’m just saying that the QB guys grow into her in a lot of ways, and it’s not quite like it looks Patrick Mahomes All in a huge game. Wait, remember Mahomes’ last 2 playoff losses: He threw a combined 4 interceptions in season-ending losses to Tampa Bay At Super Bowl 55 and Cincinnati In last year’s match for the AFC title. These losses were not Mahomes’ fault. But even the greatest QBs aren’t individually great in every playoff game.

• With Jalen Hurts’ health, there was a question mark over the Eagles’ squad meeting giants On Saturday, I think Dallas could be the most dangerous NFC opponent possible for the 49ers.

We know the 49ers have been incredible at avoiding turnovers in the past 11 weeks (a total of just five over the winning streak, with 23 forced into that range on an 18-plus turnover margin), but the Cowboys defense has led the league with 33 takeaways. in the regular season. If the Cowboys force one or two early turnovers, it could put the 49ers into a bit of a panic. I don’t think Purdy and the 49ers are going to dissolve in this situation, but early on into Dallas in the NFC Divisional Round is a little different than chasing, say, Raiders in week 17.

• And Duck Prescott Plus Tony Pollard Plus Sir Lamb He represents the 49ers’ toughest complete offensive threat since they faced Mahomes heads Back in October. Also known as the last time the 49ers lost.

• I’m still picking 49 players to win this game (official pick on Twitter about 24 hours before kick-off), but I think it’s going to come down to the wire. And then he can decide it… kickers Brett Maher And Ruby Gold? If it’s windy at Levi’s on Sunday, it can be a lot of fun.

• Since I mentioned a few weeks ago – in the Carlos Correa deal/no-deal whirlwind – that it’s possible the Johnsons aren’t willing to commit to massive free agent deals and possibly lead to a Giants sale… ADD THIS NOW:

By all modern indications, the giants are actually not at all on the market. In fact, I’ve heard that chairman Greg Johnson recently received at least one outside offer to buy his controlling interest in the team and that Johnson turned it down completely.


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