Kelly Stafford breaks down in tears when discussing Matthew Stafford’s NFL future


Kelly Stafford Struggling for the love of the game of soccer.


Over a week after the Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was put into it Concussion protocolhis wife speaks out and shares new insights into why brain health should be a priority in the NFL.

“I really love watching my husband compete and do what he loves,” she said on the November 15 episode. the next morning Podcast. “That’s what gives him happiness, so he gives me happiness. But would I give him up in a heartbeat? 1,000 per cent. I would give up football, money, fame, everything. I don’t need that. I just want the guy I fell in love with to be him.” Same man for my kids and the life we’re going to live.”

While trying to hold back her tears, Kelly said that she did not fall in love with footballer Matthew. Instead, I fell in love with a man who would be an amazing father to him their childrenTwins, 5 years old Chandler And the SawyerBeside Fisher manand 4 and Tyler Hall2.

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“I fell in love with Matthew because he was funny, witty, kind, a little chubby and kind and patient and just as smart,” she said. “It’s scary to think that Matthew may not be around.”

Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford


On November 9, Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay He confirmed to reporters that Matthew entered the concussion protocol. He did not participate in the team’s last match on 13 November.

While Kelly didn’t want to share too many details about her husband’s injury, the podcast host expressed how proud she was of Matthew for pushing a pause into his season to focus on his health.

“I think that was probably a pile of whack,” she said. “I think his head finally said, ‘I just need a break’ and made him aware of it.”

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Kelly added, “I think it’s really hard to admit to yourself—when you have this beautiful mind that has wit and my favorite things in it—that something’s going on and it’s not just a bad day. I’m going to give him a lot of credit. He came to me and immediately dumped what was feel it.”

Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford



While Matthew’s return to the soccer field is still TBD, Kelly said he is seeing a specialist and consulting with experts to find out the best way to take care of his brain health. She also revealed that her husband of 7 years is not finished throwing touchdown passes.

“I know he’s not ready to give her up,” she said. “He has to be the person making that decision and I know he’s not ready and I know there will be a time when he will be. Matthew won’t be.” Tom Brady From the world. But I know that now is not the end time and that is something that is difficult for me to understand.”

On her latest episode of the podcast, Kelly said she didn’t share her experience of the complaint. Instead, you hope to spark a conversation about concussions in the NFL.

“I’m sitting here telling you what that feels like and how it could be improved if the NFL put some time and money into it,” she said. “Everyone can sit down and say, ‘This is a big deal.'” It’s happening. We need to figure out how to keep these people safe.”

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