Kevin Kesner on trial for Phil Mickelson, Jay Monahan, and others

Kevin Kesner on Wednesday during this week’s Presidents Cup training run.

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Charlotte, NC – It wasn’t the act of standing in front of an audience. And he left.

It was a few minutes after 2:30 on Wednesday afternoon, and Kevin Kesner and five of his USA team Presidents Cup His colleagues stationed on the podium inside a tent in quail hollow. This is how they handled pre-tournament press conferences this week — half of the team, at once, quoting and coming out like water from a fire hydrant — and the reporter wasn’t fully into Kis yet, so he headed for the door. An employee pulled it off.


The Presidents Cup sign seen at Quail Hollow

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Kevin Cunningham

The words come out slower as he draws with the South, but when Kissner speaks, it’s fast, in a quick way. And now we know he doesn’t stand still much either. So let’s get started. Don’t blink.

We’ll start at the top, and how he got here this week. We think things will flow loosely from there. Even how Kisner found out he made the team was worth it. The questions were simple: who told him and how his emotions were.

“I have contacted [captain] Davis [Love] I asked him if I needed to practice or not during Tour Championship Kissner started, because I was probably going to hang them up for a while. “So he told me to stay alert.

“We talked about it every day that week, and then he kept calling me on Sundays and then he didn’t say anything, and I thought that was so weird. Finally he called me, and he was like, OK, I can’t take it anymore. You’re on the team.”

“He kept calling you and didn’t say anything?”

“Yeah, we were just talking about random things. It’s like, OK, I’ll talk to you later. I’m like what’s going on with this? About 3:30 that afternoon, he tells me.”

“Do you think he was messing with you?

“I don’t know if he’s waiting for the Tour Championship to be over, or I don’t know what it is he wants. I think probably. Then he couldn’t take it anymore.”

practice cup

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James Colgan

“What would you do if you closed it?”

“Hang around, fish, fish, take some time off. Try to gain some weight. I lose a lot of weight during the season. Then I get out here and sweat like crazy and lose it again.”

With Kisner, there is a conflict when it comes to these team events. On the one hand, you can claim to be a superstar in the match game – he won the WGC-Match Play title and was runner-up twice, including last year. And as you know, or we’ll find out over the course of these paragraphs, he’s a fireworks player, team player, golfer. All the good qualities. But this is the second time he’s made a team (2017 Presidents Cup; never the Ryder Cup). As you can see, he is also…

short. On last season’s Driving Tour chart, he was 171st, out of 193 players, and those trails are long.

He is older. Team USA is young, and at 38, Kessner is the oldest player at three years old.

Kissner freely admits that he was called only after that Will Zlatoris He injured himself last month. But he’s here. And that’s the thing with speakers. Speakers tend to respond to them. It’s all in play too.

Patrick Cantelay at the Presidents Cup at Quail Hollow.

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Dylan Dither

Like… being short. Justin Thomas He cracked during a practice run and couldn’t cover 243 yards.

Then there is his age. If you’re 38 or older, none of this will be a cut in you. Just Kissner.

until Kam Youngalthough reserved, although young men, too (25), got into the mix.

“Yeah, you know, he’s older than me,” he said, “so I’m trying to be respectful.” “I don’t think a lot of other men share those feelings with me. He gives as much as he takes, so I’m not worried about him.”

This is correct. Let’s start choosing goals one by one.

age comments?

“They’re unrelenting in that,” Kisner said. “I guess that’s the only thing they have on me because I shoot them non-stop. So it’s grandpa or pops all the time and how short I am. Everyone here is a freakin’ bomber. So they’re all laughing about it.”

Distance comments? Kissner gets it. In fact, he had a line a little while ago about not having a chance in giant tournaments like Bethpage Black – and playing anyway “because they’re giving that much money for 20.” He plays a logical game, too.

Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Kevin Kesner

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Nick Piastovsky

Choose a cliché here. slow and steady. (Although it might be short and static, in this case). (Literally, in this case).



and again.

This is a kind of gaming skill.

“It’s really annoying when there’s a guy behind you and he taps in front of you,” he said. “It ages quickly. In match-play form, I like to get back in there and take faster shots that they weren’t expecting. That’s killing your mentality of playing. I hope I can do that a lot.”

“So there is strength in being the first to hit an approach?

“Yeah, and when you see a guy there, like I said, 230 to 18 years old, you probably don’t expect me to make a great shot there,” Kessner continued. “I wouldn’t if I was there with 6 irons. These are the things that you can really needle with.”

Do you have time for more? Good. Kissner is not finished. With regard to it, we will follow the rapid-fire method.

Phil Mickelson? In the Presidents Cup 2017, he played with the champion six times in three matches, winning two matches and drawing again.

“Man, his preparations are so intense. Find out how crazy he really is, maybe the first thing I learned. All the things he said to me all along.

“One of my favorite stories was the first two holes, we played a swing shot, I left a few like a 30ft bird put into a gimme range, and he came up to me and said, ‘Stop doing that. You can hit them as hard as you want, I guarantee you I’ll make every one of them’ It’s back. An elephant is an elephant in most of an elephant way.”

Jordan Spieth? The line came here after a reporter asked Kessner how he would build his ideal player based on the 12 members of the American team and wondered who he would pick as a racket.

“I always take Jordan Spieth because he always pulls something out of his ass, for lack of a better word.”

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Claire Rogers

college football? What you should know here is that Kisner is a fan of the Georgia Bulldog.

“We’re all talking about streaks this week. We watched football all Monday night. I had some good games Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

“In ’17 I asked to sit in the afternoon because Georgia played Tennessee. Strick [captain Steve Stricker] Is it like my grandfather? I’m like, yeah, man, this is my team.”

“I mean, it’s Tennessee. Do you really need to see it?”

“Tennessee is good this year. Don’t sleep on them. They’ll be teasing your Gators this weekend.”

“I’m a Pennsylvania guy.”

“You live in Gainesville. Pennsylvania isn’t much either.”

two more. they are good.

Jay Monahan? For background information here, the Wall Street Journal recently wrote about PGA Tour delegate use of a private jet.

“I feel bad for him for that. This article is about him flying on a private plane for free, it’s horrible. I saw him last night, yeah, I just got around, vacationing all year long on my private plane,” he said.

Billy Horschel

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Nick Piastovsky

Adam Scott? A reporter asked if there was one player on the international team he would like to play the most.

“You have to beat Adam Scott. He is so good looking. You have to beat him up and then tell everyone how much better you look than him.”

“Jason Dufner used to say he didn’t want to play with him because he couldn’t beat him because he was so good-looking.”

“But then maybe all the hot girls are watching your group.”

“You know what happens next, send Camilo. [Assistant captain Camilo Villegas.] If it was Adam and Camilo, you wouldn’t have any chance.”

“We want to bring all the beautiful girls into our group. We don’t care. We are a welcome party.”

Then Kesner’s time was up, forever this time. Of course, this preventative work was never finished.

He still has some golf to play.

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