Kiwi Jamie Reid earns compensation by winning the Speedgolf World Championship


Four years after a heartbreaking runner-up finish, New Zealand Jamie Reed He unleashed the field to claim the World Championship crown in Speedgolf in the United States.


The New Plymouth native, who was already ranked No. 1 in the world, quickly hit his way to winning his first world title at World Golf Village in St. Augustine, Florida, on Wednesday (New Zealand time).

Speedgolf places equal emphasis on both putts and time, with players aiming to shoot as little as possible while getting around the course as fast as possible.

And after having to claim second place in 2018 in New York after losing to Finland’s Mikko Rantanen by just one second in a tie-break, Reid was keen to exact his revenge, in a two-round event that saw the other Kiwi in the 36-man Robin Smith circuit In sixth place.

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Reed set the challenge in the opening round, posting the equal best golf score of the day, despite hitting his under-71 in 43 minutes and 1 second—about 10 minutes and 54 seconds better than Rantanen took, and the Kiwi score was 114:01 ( strokes plus time) 16:59 under 131:00 on par, ahead only of Smith, whose 76 in 46:49 gave him a score of 122:49.

Jamie Reed, left, won the US Speedgolf World Championship title, with Robin Smith, right, sixth.  (file photo)

Vanessa Laurie/Staff

Jamie Reed, left, won the US Speedgolf World Championship title, with Robin Smith, right, sixth. (file photo)

While Japan’s Jin Ota (who finished second) beat Reid in the second round by four overs for 76 with a par of 72, the Kiwi’s pace proved impressive again, clocking in at 43:35 compared to Ota’s 49:18.

This gives Reed a second-round score of 119:35, and an overall score of 233:36 (29:24-under-par), with Ota finishing in 252:18 (10:42-under), as Smith slipped with an 85 in 48:25 to become Total 255: 74 (6:46-less).

It’s a big culmination of 2022 for Reid, who in May set a new unofficial world record His score of 100:18 at Fitzroy Golf Club was the lowest ever achieved, albeit on a course slightly shorter than the standard 6,000 yards.

Having only played Speedgolf in 2017 when he finished third in the New Zealand Championships, Reid has focused heavily on this aspect of his training, having not come from a running background.

“I love a challenge — it’s very hard to play golf when your heart rate is up and the fitness aspect of it. It’s much faster, it’s half an hour instead of four hours.” things earlier this year.

“I ran as hard as I could and then I took a deep breath and then hit the ball. I try not to overthink the shot which helps – often a problem in golf – people think about their shot.

“It’s a great sport if you don’t have time for regular golf – instead of three and a half hours, you can complete the course in half an hour and hop back in the car.”

Reid and Smith will now turn their attention to the Team World Cup event in Florida – a one-day event featuring 18 holes of alternating play before the course is narrowed down to 16 teams for seven holes, with the top four qualifiers playing three holes best ball to find the winner.

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