Kraken kept faith in Carson Susie with two late penalties


Do you like it or notDefenseman Carson Susi gave Kraken a chance to work on some long-running three-on-three overtime issues. In the end, they may be better for her.


With 26 seconds left in the game on November 13 and the Kraken holding onto a one-goal lead over the Winnipeg Jets, Susi’s lapse in refereeing led to the man advantage that led to the overtime loss. Later that week against the New York Rangers, he probably went back into the box as a different team forced overtime.

“You should be able to take some of that weight off your shoulders, clear your deck and go play,” said Kraken coach Dave Huxtol. “That’s what we want ‘Souce’ to do.”

Susi finds a way to get under the skin of opponents but doesn’t see himself as someone who takes vengeful punishments. He appeared to punch Winnipeg native Pierre-Luc Dubois in the back of the helmet, dropping him onto the ice With 26 seconds left in regulation November 13th. He said he didn’t mean to catch Dubois so high.

It came at the end of a touch-filled sequence, with players exchanging at least one cross-check for stump and leg slashes. The officials turned a blind eye that late in the game until Soucy gave them something they couldn’t ignore.

“It’s more of an embarrassment than anything else. You’re kind of letting your team down,” he said.

“Normally I’m a guy who keeps my cool, doesn’t react to that kind of thing. I was surprised myself.”

Hackstol admitted that mistakes had been made. Even with an extra defenseman waiting in the wings, he didn’t remove Soucy—whose $2,500 fine for roughing was announced by the NHL’s Player Safety Administration the next day—from the lineup.

“You are responsible for your teammates, but you need to know that your teammates know you, love you, and support you,” Hackstol said. “And then you have to move on, and then you have to go and play. And sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do when you feel the responsibility.”

On Thursday, Susi’s penalty kick Adam Fox was killed by the elbows of the Rangers star without incident midway through the third inning. Justin Schultz gave the Kraken a 2-1 lead shortly thereafter.

Susi was whistled again to tie Julien Gauthier with less than three minutes left. Susi’s reaction reflected the mood within the climate pledge circuit — “Not again.”

With less than two minutes left to play, the Rangers tied the score at 2. Schultz recovered to win the game, Score again in extra time.

“Getting the two points was massive,” said Susi. “This was a lifesaver for me.”

Susi returned to straight and tight racing in Saturday’s 3-2 win over the Los Angeles Kings – Another extra time Game, but no tie late this time. It was a plus-one with a shot on goal and two strikes through 16:20 of ice time. minutes without penalty.

“You definitely want to avoid those situations, but it’s good that they still trust me, that I come back and have a couple of rebounding games,” Susi said.

Line-up questions

Jamie Oleksiak trained in the regular contact jersey Tuesday at the Kraken Community Iceplex. The defender missed four matches due to a lower body injury.

Not jumping to any conclusions yet [Wednesday’s home game against San Jose]. He will stay day by day and see where he is [Wednesday morning]Haxtol said.

Cal Flory played three of four games in Oleksiak’s absence. Gustav Olofsson was called up from the Coachella Valley of the American Hockey League and played against Winnipeg but has since been transferred.

Oleksiak’s return may signal the return of the three defensive pairs observers had been anticipating. Adam Larson and Vince Dunn have stayed together even after Oleksiak got injured. Oleksiak and Schultz found a groove. Will Burgeon and Soci are ninth (1.98) on’s list of shutout pairs (lowest goals expected per 60 minutes, at least 100 minutes played together) as of Tuesday, although they’ve been apart in the past few games.

“I love playing with him,” Burgen said. “We keep it pretty light there, and I think we’re both on the same page most of the time.”

With Philipp Grubauer back in the fold, TSN reports that third guard Magnus Helberg has been placed on waivers. Hellberg signed with the Kraken in July and has already been claimed off waivers twice this season, Once by the Ottawa Senators, then by Seattle.

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