Lakers’ Max Christie says he’ll learn from his blunder against the Kings


Max Christie He found himself in an inevitable position, Lakers The rookie is just trying to make the right play—what’s more, just the idea of ​​playing a first-year guard in the fourth quarter when the game was hanging in the balance is somewhat surprising in itself.


Christie was actually more solid at 27 minutes and 10 seconds, his 12 points helped the Lakers stay close in an ultimately tough game. Lost to the Sacramento Kings Wednesday evening at the Arena.

But the standout play was his foul with 5.0 seconds left and the Lakers trailing 112-111, a foul Christie really had no choice but to make and, in many respects, played because of his basketball “instincts.”

Kendrick Noone had just made a three-pointer with seven seconds left to lead the Lakers to one point. The Lakers trapped all over the court and Dearon Fox was forced to give up the ball. Fox threw the ball to Richaun Holmes, who was ahead of the Lakers in the half court. Christie ran up and grabbed Holmes from behind, making a mistake to stop the clock.

The problem was that Christie was called for an apparent foul—which the officials reviewed and allowed to stand—giving Holmes two free throws.

Both made for a 114-111 Kings lead. Under foul track rules, Sacramento got the ball back. Tre Lyle was fouled, which resulted in him making two free throws for the final 116-111 margin.

“I mean, honestly, I followed my gut,” said Christie. “Obviously he had a clear path to the edge but time was running out and we were getting down so I felt like… I had to foul him in some way. Unfortunately, it was an obvious foul. I tried to get ahead but I just couldn’t. But it’s a good lesson for me.” For me to learn from it, to be in this situation quickly for the first time. I’ve never been in this situation before. So I’m going to learn from it and watch the movie and see what I could have done differently.”

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LeBron James, a 20-year-old veteran, realized why his young teammate was wrong at that moment.

“Give up a play, you’ve got guys in front of you already,” said James. “And Max was doing what he thought was the right thing. He probably wasn’t… I don’t think he was ever in that position in his rookie season. He sees a center blast away, taking the ball out of the hands of their best players, so he’ll make a foul. But he also did not see Harrison Barnes on the right, who was in front of him. This is the difficult part of the play. But the best teacher in life is experience, and he was able to experience that tonight.”

Christie found himself in this position because the Lakers are a coach Darwin Hamm He believed in it.

Christie played 9:46 into the fourth quarter, making it a three-pointer in the final frame to pull the Lakers within 98-97.

“It’s definitely a lot of confidence, knowing how the coaches and my teammates trusted me to be there in those tough moments, especially in my rookie year,” Christie said. “I can learn a lot of things. I just be there feeling comfortable in those situations. But it’s definitely a confidence booster when I’m out there with these guys in that kind of game.”

Help on the boards

The Lakers had issues with the Kings on the backboards, giving up a lot.

The Lakers won, 47-36. Even worse, the Kings had 14 offensive rebounds, which led to 20 second chance points.

“They outdid us there,” Wenin Gabriel said. “We were there fighting for rebounds, but they came up with more of those. They beat us to the boards tonight. That’s a hard thing to recover from, especially with games down to a point or two, especially if you watch the last two. Every possession counts.”

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