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Happy thanks to our American readers! To them, as well as to our non-American readers, we are all grateful to you! With our leftovers in place (in addition to the traditional food waste), we’ll now be preparing for another Lakers Game. This time they will face San Antonio SpursAnd no, that’s not a typo. In fact, the Lakers are playing them for the second time this week for a baffling third time in four games coming Saturday as the Violet and Gold play a back-to-back game against the Lions and Silver at the Alamo. .


Here’s a preview of Friday’s first game.

return of the king?

LeBron James has missed six of his last seven games, with the last five in a row due to a groin strain he suffered on Nov. 9 against the Clippers. It looks as though the streak of missed games will be broken against the Spurs, as reported by Bleacher Report and TNT’s Chris Haynes. LeBron is expected to return for Friday’s game.

Of course, it’s possible he’ll still be listed as doubtful on the pre-match injury report (the injury report hasn’t been released at the time of this preview’s publication) to accommodate the possibility of a last-minute setback keeping him off the ground. . With that said, we all know that when we get these types of reports from Haynes or others, it usually means that LeBron is ready for a comeback.

The Lakers have gone 3-3 in the six games he’s missed this season, and although his . 500 winning percentage is better than . 200 percent in the games he’s played, it’s clear his return will be a welcome sight.

If you’ve been wondering a little bit about whether or not this team needs LeBron, you just need to look at the team’s last four games. It turns out that games against the Nets, Pistons, and Spurs are a bit easier than a game against what might be the best team in the NBA right now in Phoenix Suns. Because of that , The Lakers lost 115-105 to the Suns Regardless of the fact that Anthony Davis literally had a baseline that no other player in the NBA had.

in That loss versus the sunsThe Lakers had a -4.5 net rating while Davis was on the floor with a -35.0 net rating in his absence, with Darvin Hamm putting together some truly baffling bench lineups without him. Of course, Rob Pelinka hasn’t left Hamm with a roster capable of putting together a decent lineup at all times when LeBron (and Juan Toscano Anderson and Max Christie who also missed a game) are available, let alone missing games.

This stark difference in efficiency can also be seen from the team in A full sampling of five games LeBron has missed latelyas the Lakers have a net rating of +11.6 with AD on the ground in that time period while the net rating is -2.3 with AD off the ground.

Even though the Lakers have returned to playing the bottom of the barrel in the NBA, they will continue to welcome LeBron back with the open arms you will ever see. Frankly – and I realize the hilarity of that statement since it’s about the MVP of the 5-11 team – they probably don’t need him in any of these Spurs games.

But speaking against that sentiment, the Lakers not only need to build momentum in the winning column, they also need to build momentum team-wide in terms of making their product better and better every day in hopes that the front office finally sees the light. And make a deal to make that team complete.

On Friday, they will move one step closer to that dream with the possible return of The King.

Notes and updates:

  • At the time of this preview’s publication, both teams were likely enjoying Thanksgiving too much to update their injury reports. How selfish of them, right?!
  • Obviously LeBron’s hiring should be watched, but I’m also wondering about Davis. He’s shown no sign of this back problem bothering him lately, but I wonder if the Lakers see one of these Spurs games as an opportunity to get some rest, especially in light of back-to-back plays.
  • Juan Toscano Anderson (fullback) has missed the last three matches, and it hasn’t been said yet if he will be available on Friday.
  • Max Christie has also missed the last three games after falling health and safety protocols. but, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Wednesday Christie has removed those protocols with the expectation that he will play on Friday against Tottenham. Christie was beginning to move up in the rotation, playing about 20 minutes per game in the four games that resulted in some time missing.
  • We’ll have to see what Tottenham players aren’t available as injury reports are released. The big absence in the Lakers’ dominant 123-92 win over the Spurs on Sunday was that of Jacob Boltel. Without him, AD could do as he pleased. Poeltl is one of the most underrated frame defenders in the NBA, and if he plays, it will be interesting to see how that affects his AD.

The Lakers and Spurs will depart at 5 p.m. PT on Friday. The game will be broadcast on Spectrum SportsNet.

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