LeBron James on Anthony Davis Injury: Minor Setback for Big Comeback


during Los Angeles Lakers training camp, Anthony Davis He said he had one individual goal this season: to play all 82 matches.

After two injury-plagued seasons, it was clear he wasn’t ready to dream of becoming the MVP when he dreaded another acronym: DNP.

It didn’t take long for the hammer to fall.

less than a third of the way through the season, Davis suffered a right foot injury that was said to have sidelined him for at least a month. It happened after I bumped into him Denver Nuggets Superstar Nikola Jokic Leg in the air during Friday’s game.

For a player who has been seemingly trying to prove to the world that he’s not made of glass for most of his career, this was a disappointing blow. It came as Davis was playing the best basketball of his life, leading the team in points (27.4), rebounds (12.1) and blocks (2.1).

Anthony Davis to “I know what I can do”


“When you’re playing at that kind of level, man, it’s hard to face the situation where you might miss a few games or something,” Lakers coach Darvin Ham said after the Lakers’ 119-117 victory. Washington Sunday.

Against the Wizards, Davis donned street clothes (which became his nickname) and cheered for his team off the bench, an all too familiar sight for the big guy who’s only played a combined 76 games in the past two seasons.

In the post-game, Davis quickly walked across the locker room passing reporters and teammates. He looked straight ahead, with a poker face. But it’s no secret how annoying this is for him.

Hamm said he tried to cheer Davis up, telling him to ignore chatter about him always getting hurt. Hamm said he assured Davis, “Fuck what people say.” Hamm added that Davis’s 5-year-old daughter, Nala, even tried to lift her father’s spirits after he was injured.

Perhaps no one in the Lakers feels more like Davis LeBron Jameswho not only will have to bear the brunt a few weeks after his 38th birthday, but also considers Davis his best friend.

“It’s definitely frustrating to see that he has to go through it, especially the work he put into it,” said James, who scored 33 points, seven rebounds and nine assists against the Wizards. “He doesn’t cheat in the game, he shows up, he prepares, he gets out and he’s clearly been in control this year.

“To get that setback at the moment, I know it can definitely be hard on him. Just trying — everything I can do to keep his mind fresh. A little setback for a big comeback. And we’re going to try to keep the pressure on the fort as long as we can until we get the number one guy back.”

This undoubtedly puts the Lakers in a very difficult position.

They’re already 12th in the Western Conference with a record of 13-16, and now they’ve just lost the guy who was their MVP all season. James W Russell Westbrook They’ll try to pick up the slack, and the team will head to Thomas Bryant For low help.

But going into trading season, this also raises some interesting questions.

Will the Lakers be more likely to make a deal due to Davis’ extended absence? Or will this increase their chances of survival because they believe they haven’t had enough time to fully assess the team and its potential?


LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Patrick Beverly speak during the Lakers vs. Wizards game on Dec. 18. (Adam Pantuzzi/NBAE via Getty Images)

When asked if he was worried about the latter happening, James denied having any knowledge of the matter, though Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has made it clear that he consults James on decisions.

“Not a question for me,” said James. “I have no idea. When I’m playing, I get ready and go to work and get my buddies ready to go win a basketball game. I’m playing the game. I’m not in the front office, so we’ll see.”

Hamm added that Davis’ absence should not affect the team’s approach to trades, emphasizing that whether or not Davis is in the lineup, the team is “constantly looking” for ways to improve.

The Lakers need help in a lot of areas. They have the second-worst 3-point percentage in the league (32.5%) and are 19th in offensive rating (111).

Now they’ll be missing Davis, who scored at least 30 points in nine games this season, including a 55-point, 17-rebound performance earlier this month. They lost their attack power, edge guard and best defender.

Hamm, as always, tried to remain optimistic, grinning and describing this opportunity to Davies to help him train. He added that James would play with the other five, and that he was looking forward to what he called his “discovery period”.

“When you’re missing a huge piece like AD, it lets you mix and match,” Hamm said. “And I think people get caught up in him not being there, but I’m looking for another opportunity to see what we have and what groups we can get out there, so, when he comes back, we can get several bullets in the room that we can use.”

But no matter how one tries to spin things, there is no denying the fact.

For the Lakers, this is very disappointing.

And for Davis, it’s exasperating.

He was playing MVP-caliber basketball. He finally reminded the world what he could do. was thriving.

And now, he was back in the seat, dressed in street clothes.

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