LeBron James traded with the Suns? An NBA scout says Phoenix is ​​the “perfect candidate” for the Lakers star


LeBron James trade speculation related to the Phoenix Suns is back. Will the Los Angeles Lakers trade the NBA star for their division rival?

NBA business speculation about LeBron James is back with a 3-10 start to the season for the Los Angeles Lakers.


And the Phoenix Suns are clearly the “perfect candidate” to trade for the NBA star.

Ric Bucher from Fox Sports He recently spoke to an anonymous NBA scout, who fanned the flames of speculation about James going to the Suns.

“If the Lakers transfer James, it would presumably be to get the treasure trove of future picks they are currently lacking,” Bucher wrote. A scout in the Western Conference pointed to the Phoenix Suns as a much more ideal candidate if they find themselves falling short again this season in their quest for their first franchise championship, after reaching the Finals two years ago and then being knocked out in a seven-game, second-round series by Luka Doncic. And the Dallas Mavericks last year.

The Suns have a solid core with Chris Paul, Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton, but they may need another piece to get over the hump in the West, especially since they were knocked out in the second round of the playoffs last season.

The scout said, “The Suns have proven they are quite capable of getting close, but I think they need more if they want to get where they want to be.”

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Will LeBron James want to play for the Suns?

The Suns could certainly tempt James, who paid tribute to Devin Booker and who has had a close relationship with Suns general manager James Jones since they were teammates on the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers.

James is also close to Suns goalkeeper Chris Paul.

“It’s the only place he’d welcome him with open arms,” ​​the scout said, according to Bucher. “In Phoenix, with LeBron, I think Chris will finally get his ring.”

James’ current contract with the Lakers runs through the 2023-24 season. He has a player option for the 2024-25 season.

He’s 37, but he’s averaged 24.9 points per game this season to go along with 6.9 assists per game and 8.8 rebounds per game.

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Could the Suns actually trade LeBron James?

Could James land in Phoenix, should the Lakers decide to trade him?

He’s among the highest-paid players in the NBA (he signed a two-year, $97.1 million extension in August), and the Lakers will likely want a lot back for the veteran, even if they consider trading him to a division rival.

Phoenix has plenty of future draft picks the Lakers could want, as well as some good young pieces they could send to LA in exchange for the superstar, like the pieces of Cameron Johnson and Mikal Bridges.

However, any deal for James would have to wait. the star It cannot be traded this season Because the second year of the extension he signed in August was over a 5% increase.

However, he will be eligible to be traded after this season.

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The Suns LeBron James speculation is nothing new

This isn’t the first time the Suns have been linked with James as a potential destination.

In August, The Ringer rated the Suns as Number 1 is suitable for James’ potential trade.

On the potential fit of James in Phoenix, Kevin O’Connor writes: “LeBron is good friends with Chris Paul and old friends of James Jones. The Suns want Durant. Don’t they also want LeBron? Phoenix is ​​a great city in its own right, and Arizona has lower taxes than California, which is Just a short ride from L.A. LeBron will be accused of riding the coattails, but the Suns fell short in 2020-21, looked winnable in 2021-22, and got a little long in the tooth in 2022-23.”

In March, former NBA player Charles Oakley said so James needed to be traded to the Suns.

“Phoenix will make money a game because that’s what they need,” Oakley told Shannon Sharpe.

As long as the Lakers continue to falter, the speculation surrounding James is bound to continue, as is talk of the Suns possibly being a candidate for the next all-star team.

Will LeBron James be a good fit with the Phoenix Suns?

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