Mailbag: Kraken’s growth in Season 2; Devils chances in the playoffs


Here’s the November 16th edition of Mailbag, where we’re answering your questions on Twitter with #OvertheBoards. Tweet your questions to @drosennhl.


The biggest difference you’ve seen in the Kraken this season? -punmasterrifkin

Exactly what I expected the difference to be – depth up front.

The Seattle Kraken have a much deeper lineup of sophomore forwards than they did in their first season last season, with Oliver BjorkstrandIt was acquired through a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets; Andrey Burakovsky, a free agent who signed a five-year contract; And the Matty Benearswho played 10 games at the end of last season but is now a full-time third.

Borakowski, a Stanley Cup champion in 2018 with the Washington Capitals and last season with the Colorado Avalanche, leads Seattle with 14 points (four goals, 10 assists) in 16 games. Benners tied it up with the forward Jared McCann Larkkin lead with five goals. Bjorkstrand hasn’t had much luck in scoring so far, scoring on 52 Seattle-high shots (shooting percentage is 1.9 percent) but has eight assists.

Bjorkstrand and Burakovsky are in the lead with Alex Weinberg. Beniers is concentrated Jaden Schwartz And the Jordan Eberle On line six in the middle. It’s hard to say this is the second line or the third line because the other middle sixth line is Yanni Gord between Brandon Tanev And it wasn’t. Eight of the nine best strikers play at least 15 minutes per game; It wasn’t 14:41. Team Kraken uses their fourth line around 8-9 minutes per game with equal intensity. They don’t have a striker with more than five goals, but they do have seven players with at least four and at least 13 goals.

Scoring by committee was running as the Kraken averaged 3.25 goals per game, 14th in the NHL entering Tuesday; They tied for 28th with 2.60 goals per game last season. They are the eleventh most powerful this season at 23.6%. They were 29th at 14.6 percent last season.

There’s also a resilience that the Kraken team has shown that we didn’t see much of last season. I think a lot of that has to do with team chemistry, building together, and growing. It’s hard to do when you’ve been together for one season. But now it looks different. Team Kraken is 5-1-1 in matches when they are outplayed. They score first goal more often, eight times in 16 games this season (6-1-1 in those matches), having done so 31 times in 82 games last season.

But Seattle lost its previous two games (0-1-1) after winning five straight, including giving up the game-tying goal with six seconds left in regulation and losing 3-2 in overtime to the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday. . The Kraken have two home games against the New York Rangers on Thursday and the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. These are two teams that made the Stanley Cup playoffs last season. To be a good team, you have to beat the good teams and stop losing streak before they get out of hand. It’s a great week for Kraken.

Video: SEA @ CHI: Borakowski scores in the first half

Devils are legit.. Tell me I’m right. – @AnthonyRomeo1

It sounds like you might be right, but forgive me for needing a little more time to get a proper read on the New Jersey Devils even though they’ve won 10 in a row following their 5-1 win over the Montreal Canadiens on Tuesday. The Devils have made the playoffs once in the past 10 seasons; They did not benefit from the suspicion. But what they’ve earned is huge praise for the way they’ve played this season so far, which is why I came on last week 3 in my Super 16 ranking. For starters, they’ve beaten some really good teams, including the New York Islanders, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames (twice). They are one of the fastest teams I’ve seen in how they skate, how they move the puck and how fast they can play. And it’s deep. They roll four lines and all four have the same kind of speed. I could talk all day about the skill the attackers have Jesper Pratt And the Jack Hughes They have, how well they play and read each other, but the reality of this center Nico Hischer Healthy is one of the biggest reasons for the success of the demons. You see how important he is as a two-way top position and just as important in the defensive area as he is in the offensive area. Demons can have something Alexander Barkov He is for the Florida Panthers, an all-ice threat.

We also can’t overlook how Demon Defense comes together. healthy Dougie Hamilton and add John Marino, acquired in a trade from the Pittsburgh Penguins during the offseason, made a world of difference. With Hamilton and Marino and Damon SeversonWell, the Devils are as good on the right side of the blue line as any team in the NHL. They are all mobile defensemen on the move. as allowed Jonas Seigenthaler (6-foot-2, 218 pounds), Ryan Graves (6-5, 220) and Brendan Smith (6-2, 200), who make up the left side of the defense, to play to their strengths. All of them are large, physical and mobile too. That unit is a big reason the Devils allow an NHL-low 24.4 shots on goal per game entering Tuesday. This is a big reason why they delay settling their goals well, too.

But as good as the Devils are, they don’t have a track record of success that we can count on. looks legit. They look like a playoff team. They definitely play like one. But let’s get together again on this in a few weeks and then I’ll have a more definitive answer.

Are there any top teams right now that you see eventually going out of the playoffs? -TrishTheMiddle

Kraken (8-5-3) one. They are third in points and second in point percentage in the Pacific Division, but as much as I love their attacking depth, as mentioned above, they still lack a game-breaking aptitude and I don’t trust their defense or shooting enough to think they will. be able to survive long enough. They will struggle to win games on low goalscoring, which they will struggle with as the season goes on. The Edmonton Oilers (9-7-0) are right behind the Kraken and pass them. The Calgary Flames (7-6-2) also started to play better with wins in their last two games after losing seven straight (0-5-2). Let’s see where the Flames are after their six-game wild trip up and down the East Coast that begins at the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday. They need to get more than six points out of the 12 available. Seven losses in a row left less room for error on the trip.

I’m still not sold on the Winnipeg Jets (9-4-1), who played 20 games in 37 days starting with the Anaheim Ducks on Thursday. They have played 14 matches in 34 days so far. And they played well enough to stay near the top of the Central Division, but that’s nonetheless Conor Hellbwick He kept his end with a 2.08 goals against average and a 0.935 save percentage, starting 11 of Winnipeg’s 14 games. You will need planes David Ritesh to start more in that stretch before Christmas, and so far he has a 2.73 GAA and . 890 save percentage in three games. Let’s see where the Jets are at Christmas before giving them a legitimate playoff team this season.

Do you feel the NHL is willing to keep the Mullett Arena for three years if the Coyotes don’t do well enough to get fans into the arena? Or what if attendance drops below 3,000 matches? Basically, when does Gary Pittman take the Wolves to Houston? – @NyInLvr84

The NHL is clearly willing to have the Coyotes play at Mullett Arena for at least three seasons because that is the agreement the team and ASU reached; There is an option for the fourth season. This agreement for the Coyotes to play in a 5,000-seat on-campus venue was made with the NHL’s blessing and approval because the league knew the Coyotes could be a profitable, sustainable, and successful franchise for years if they were able to build a new arena in the East Valley of the greater Phoenix area. It is a top 10 sports markets in the United States, and the bulk of the Coyotes fan base is located in the East Valley, which is why the goal is to build a new arena and entertainment district in Tempe, about a mile down the road from Mullett Arena.

The wolves will know more about it in the coming days, weeks, and months, hoping that the plans will be finalized and the shovels will get to the ground as soon as possible. Coyotes president Xavier Gutierrez said construction of the arena in Tempe could take 24 to 30 months, which means three seasons at Mullett Arena would be pretty much a lock if approved. Of course, if the Coyotes aren’t approved for a new arena, the NHL and the team will have to reassess the entire situation and the possibility of a transfer will come up again. But this is the worst case scenario, because if the arena deal is approved and the scoops go to the ground, the Wolves will stay at Mullett Arena until they move into the new building. And that should happen, or at least it could happen at the same time when they’re out of rebuilding territory and becoming a potential Stanley Cup contender.

Listen: New episode of NHL @ TheRink

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