Mark Madden: The Steelers created this corrupt soccer team, and it can’t be fixed

It is in the nature of sports fans to be optimistic, no matter how conceited you may be. Believing that a team that is perceived as underperforming can be fixed.

their coach. Modify your squad or strategy. Replace all of our bad players with all of their good players. Find that secret sauce that’s a panacea, or at least a step in the right direction,

This is always a fantasy. The difference is what it looks like.

Steelers can’t be fixed. They are a bad football team. This is the year you finally get that top pick.

The defense was supposed to support the crime. Whether that’s possible or not, we’ll never know. When edge-rusher TJ Watt was hit, the defense collapsed.

With Watt, the Steelers earned five takeaways and seven sacks in the first game. Minus a watt, the takeaway has totaled one sack and two gesses in the two games since.

Without Watt to capture the enemy’s attention, Cam Heyward calms down. Everyone on this side of the ball fell silent.

Despite the hype, it was never a great defense. Reflect the numbers. Now it’s a bad defense.

Like last season, defense is at stake: Cleveland rushed for 174 yards Thursday night and controlled the ball doing so. Brown got every yard they needed. In the previous loss, New England finished the match by hitting The Rock in the final 6:33.

Defense was supposed to be the cornerstone of the Steelers. Watt’s injury spoiled that, if true.

Crime is an unfocused abomination. Does not score points. That’s all people need to know. The Steelers have four offensive touchdowns in three games.

Quarterback Mitch Trubesky was no good. But turning into apprentice Kenny Beckett wouldn’t be a panacea.

If you want Beckett to get the experience, that’s fine. But what if it was a bad experience? The Steelers play in Buffalo, at home against Tampa Bay, in Miami and in Philadelphia in weeks 5-8. These are all play0ff caliber teams. You want to throw Beckett to those wolves?

Beckett’s November 13 home start against New Orleans makes sense. This is the match after farewell week. The Steelers will be 3-5 by then, maybe 2-6. The pressure will stop. Beckett will be more prepared. It will be about learning, not winning.

That’s not close enough if you want Beckett to save the season. But he can’t. Nothing can. Pickett’s timeline should only depend on what’s best for his development.

The attack coordinator Matt Canada had a terrible job. He is not qualified. He got the job because he was already on site and was already on the payroll as a quarterback coach. Mike Tomlin’s coaching tree doesn’t exist because he doesn’t like to hire coaches that challenge their acumen.

With ingredients presented aggressively, the Steelers needed a master chef to make something delicious. Canada short cooker orders.

This is not about playing the Steelers badly. Bad Steelers. This is the level dictated by their talent. They won’t be in the playoffs even with Watt playing all year.

It’s a terribly flawed team in the rally. Money and choices are invested in less important areas.

The four most important positions in football are center back, corner back, edge mover, and left block. The Steelers are properly equipped in only one of those, and this guy is injured. Beckett provides hope for the future in the quarterback. (you hope.)

The offensive line is steadily disintegrating. David DeCastro, Morquis Bounce and Alejandro Villanueva last played for the Steelers in 2020. They were all on the decline before that.

So, the Steelers used their top two picks in each of the last two drafts on shiny new games: the backrun and the tight end in ’21, the quarterback and wide receiver this year. Rebuilding the offensive line was an afterthought.

The Steelers haven’t drafted an offensive streak in the first two rounds since DeCastro in 2012. That’s unbelievable.

The offensive line isn’t exactly smelly. But it is not good. There is nothing dynamic about it. There is no foundation stone.

Bad Steelers.

But the blame rests with the entire organization. They are exactly what they created.

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