Mel Kipper shoots Chicago Bears 2023 draft theory


The Chicago Bears He is currently controlling the #3 overall pick in the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. It is not yet clear if this will remain true. There are still six games left to play. However, with a troubled midfielder, a slender roster, and a challenging uninterrupted schedule, it’s hard not to envision them staying in the top five. This has led to a lot of speculation and theories about which direction GM Ryan Bowles decides to go. There is no shortage of potential options that will be available. They could add a much-needed pass breaker like Will Anderson, a three-tackle defensive tackle like Jalen Carter, or they could target a high-profile offensive prospect to help out Justin Fields. Longtime ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. had a say in that.


Talk to Marc Bottas from Chicago Sun Times On what the Bears can do he’s ranked third overall. He made one thing clear from the start. Don’t expect them to aim for an offensive point of view. In his estimation, no player on this side of the ball in this class deserves to go that far. This means that one of two things will happen. They will either take the best defensive player on their board or compromise with a team looking for a quarterback.

“Continuously trading and letting someone get the third quarterback is always [a possibility] – You get a lot in return,” said Kepper. You’re not going to get a receiver there. There’s no offensive lineman to take in. [No. 3]. No one on the offensive side takes the ball at 3 but the quarterback. “

“There is no top 10 receiver right now,” Kepper said. Maybe Jordan Addison at USC. Maybe Quentin Johnston at UCLA. Josh Downs in North Carolina. Jackson Smith Njegba [of Ohio State] He was among the top ten, but he was injured. The guy I really like is Boston College’s Zee Flowers. He’s the most underrated receiver in this draft.”


MailKeeper has a good feeling about these things.

Last year in his final mock draft, he correctly predicted target spots in seven of his first eight draft picks. He was right about Jacksonville and Detroit targeting defensive ends, the Jets ordering a cornerback, the Giants holding a defensive end and offensive tackle, the Panthers tackling, and the Falcons taking a wide receiver. So when he says the probability is low that any non-QB offense will rank in the top three, it’s a safe assumption that he’s probably right. NFL teams likely see it the same way.

This makes what happens in the first and second positions very interesting for the bears. If they both end up becoming quarterbacks, the Poles will have his pick for the best defensive player on his plate. Chicago’s defense desperately needs talent, especially on the offensive line. However, if one of those defensemen went to either of those first two locations, the Bears would become an outstanding trading destination for a team looking for a quarterback. Mailkeeper is correct. Seems to be a strong point of having a team.

Maybe something will change in the next few months, and an offensive senior butts heads during the pre-draft process in the Senior Bowl or scout group. As things stand, it looks like a defense or a trade if the Bears stay in third place.

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