Mets, Yankees are among the World Series favorites after huge free agent spending


Money may not be able to buy leagues, but the Mets and Yankees are doing everything they can to prove those sentiments wrong.


Mostly mets.

With Carlos Correa agreeing this week to a 12-year, $315 million deal, the Mets (7-1) are now the second favorite behind the defending champion Houston Astros (6-1) to win the World Series, per MLB trader Rick Nash

“The Mets were 9-1 before Corea was signed and now they are 7-1,” Nash said via email. This big change is due not only to the addition of Correa, but also to owner Steve Cohen’s willingness to spend. This deal puts the Mets in the mix as the World Series favorites along with the defending champion Houston Astros at 6-1, the L-A Dodgers at 8-1, and the New York Yankees at 8-1.”

As my Forbes colleague Maury Brown booksCohen, on whom Billions Character Bobby Axelrod were basedhas now pledged $806.2 million to nine players in free agency for the 2022-23 MLB offseason.

Projected Mets payroll for 2023 is $384 million (not including the luxury tax you pay of nearly half a billion), This is the largest payroll in the MLB History and nearly $100 million more than the Yankees, who are the closest team, in Spottrack.

for every The payroll of the 2023 Mets is projected to be 32 percent higher than the closest team in baseball (the Yankees). Yankees in 11 years from 2003-13″.

The Mets’ luxury tax payments will exceed $111 million, ie more than the total payroll of 15 of 30 MLB teams.

Woo Jin Ho, a technology analyst at Bloomberg, said in a tweet that the Mets’ total salary would “rank them 188th in global GDP, ahead of 6 other countries.”

Meanwhile, the Yankees aren’t quite looking like the sisters of the poor after re-signing Sluggers player Aaron Judge to a 9-year, $360 million deal – Hence making him the 16th captain of the franchise – And also gave the left player Carlos Rodon a 6-year deal worth $ 162 million.

Summary [postseason] The experience I had with the Chicago White Sox – don’t get me wrong, the White Sox organization, great organization, but it took some time to put a winning product on the field,” Rodon He said Wednesday. “That short flair, I always wanted more. Winning was at the top of my list as a player. As we know, it’s the Yankee way.”

The Mets are chasing their third World Series title for the franchise while the Yankees have been chasing their 28th since winning their last title in 2009.

One thing is for sure, with all this money pouring in for high-profile players, it’s not going to be a dull summer in The Big Apple.

But it is a world championship or bankruptcy for both clubs.

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