MLB trade scenarios: Bowden answers 20 questions about pitchers, bad contracts, and more


In the first part of my november mailbag, the questions focused on Free agent shortstop market And several teams’ contingency plans if they hit the higher targets. For the second part, I answered subscribers’ trading scenarios and questions, including several involving top pitchers and some about canceling bad contracts (with some free agency queries thrown in).


Thanks to everyone who participated. Let’s get right to it.

Questions have been edited for clarity and length.

Can Dodgers Trade prospects Diego CartayaAnd Michael Bush and Ryan Peut to breweries for Corbin Burnes? – David F.

Stop, that would be great. Burns will be a free agent after the 2024 season, but I think they’re holding him until next year’s trade deadline at least. If they traded a two-time All-Star, that prospect package would probably be enough to land him then, but it’s also a huge potential price to pay. Kartaya is one of the sport’s top eye-catching prospects and a special effect bat of the future. A linebacker/outfielder, Bosh has the distinction of being an everyday player, too. Pepiot is a starter with back spin capability. If I were the Dodgers, I’d rather make business proposals that didn’t include Cartaya.

What could the Yankees deal for Pablo Lopez include? – Matthew D.

Do you see the Yankees and Marlins complete the Pablo Lopez-Glieber Torres deal discussed at the deadline (last trade)? – Joseph J.

For the Yankees to land Lopez, I understand they would have to include Oswald Peraza, Jason Dominguez, Spencer Jones or Anthony Volpe in the trade, and I can’t see New York breaking away at that level of possibility for Lopez. As for Torres, the Marilyn family is like him, but if they make a deal they will only control him for two more years. He is eligible for salary arbitration within the two years, which is out of proportion to their modus operandi. They prefer major tournaments who are not refereeing-eligible or who are better prospects for Lopez.

Trade offer: The Orioles offered outfielder Anthony Santander and junior quarterback Conor Norby to Miami for Lopez. Who says no? – Matt S.

Let me change it up: If the Orioles field Cedric Mullins, they get Lopez. The Marlins’ number one priority is getting a long-term solution to center field, and Mullins has been at or near the top of their target list for two years.

Pablo Lopez is under team control through 2024. Will the Marlins transfer him? (Dale Zanin/USA Today)

If you were (Padres president of baseball operations) A.J. Briller, what would you do this offseason? – Matthew R.

I’d like to sign first baseman Jose Abreu to a two-year deal and try to add a strong starting pitcher – maybe not from the top of the class (Justin Verlander, Jacob deGrum, Carlos Rodon), but maybe a starting next-level down, like Kodai Senga or Chris Bassett. Then, as always, look to add more arms of the undervalued bulls.

Was San Diego really trading Fernando Tatis Jr.? City and the team lost and he signed for another (12) years. Looks like you could get a fresh start. If so, who would be lined up as a business partner? – Greg H.

The Padres are not interested in trading Tatiz. They’ve reached the National League Championship Series and believe that if they have healthy Tatesse, Juan Soto and Manny Machado, they’re serious contenders for the 2023 World Series – and I agree with that assessment. Tatiz’s injuries 80 match commentary For violating MLB’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs was disappointing for the Padres, but if the 23-year-old can pull it all off, he’s undoubtedly one of the sport’s most talented players. Look for San Diego to take him to the stadium in 2023.

The Mets are rumored to be in talks with Tampa Bay about Tyler Glasnow. What does it take for New York to have a starting pitcher of this caliber? – Matthew D.

It would take a solid prospect package, something along the lines of outfielder Alex Ramirez and pitcher Blade Tidwell.

if it was Astros re-sign Justin VerlanderAre they dealing from the starting point depth to get a catch? (maybe with) blue jays? – Michael D.

The Astros certainly have the swing depth to make a deal for a Blue Jays or A’s catcher if they want to go down that path. But if this is my calling, I will be greedy and continue to promote. They just won the World Series with catcher Martín Maldonado, one of the best game callers and matchmakers in the American League. Rather than trade for a catcher, I’d rather sign free agent Willson Contreras, who can DH or play first base when he’s not catching, or even re-sign Christian Vázquez, who caught No hitter in Game 4 from the world championship. No one in the majors has more depth of throw than Houston, but I’ll stick with it, as you always have to be prepared for injuries.

What would it take for the Rangers to get reliever David Bednar from the Pirates? Will starter Glenn Otto, starter Ezequiel Duran and reliever Brett Martin work? – Zack S.

No, that wouldn’t work for the Buccaneers, but the Rangers would seal the deal in a Texas hot flash. If and when the Buccaneers deal with Bednar, they’re going to want two strong odds back. How about two shortstop Gleider Figuereo, right-handed Dane Acker, and right-handed Marc Church? A package like that would be closer to fair value for Bednar, who’s been in control of the team for four more seasons.

Is Rhys Hoskins a real trade candidate? Is there a chance he could be included in the Phillies to Florida package for a more manageable pitcher? – Grant Way.

Team president Dave Dombrowski led me to believe Hoskins will be the Phillies’ first baseman in 2023. He needs to continue working on his defense, but his 30 home runs power helps his lineup and he has a winning attitude. Hoskins will be a free agent after next season. I don’t see it moving around, at least during the holiday season.

If the White Sox traded Andrew Vaughn to Oakland for Sean Murphy, what could Oakland possibly include to make it happen? – Ralph W.

The White Sox would not trade Vaughn for Murphy. Vaughn would be the first baseman every day. He also has more commercial value than Murphy.

What kind of possibility would that be Yankees We must attach Josh Donaldson to move it? – Scott J.

I suspect Donaldson Such a rejection that they can’t trade him at this point unless they attach a top 15 prospect to him, and even then it’s a limit if any team takes Knot.

Is there a matching contract that goes with Marcell Ozuna’s trade contract (with the receiving team assigning him for the assignment)? Or do you see the Brave having to trade a possibility to get rid of it? The brave fans are ready to see him go. – Jack F.

The Braves owe Ozuna $37 million over the next two years, when he’ll play at 32 and 33 and hit out the last two years with a . 280 on-base percentage, along with his off-field issues, including a 20-game suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence policy and being charged with driving under The influence of alcohol. I’m not sure the Braves will ever find a business partner unless they pin a legitimate prospect on Ozuna and pay most of his future salary. I suspect he will be released before his contract expires.

The scenario: Giants make a splash and get Rafael Devers from the Red Sox. What kind of trade package will it take to get this done? – Gregory A.

This does not happen. Devers not going anywhere. At some point, the Red Sox will sign him to a 10-year, $300 million deal. If for some reason they trade him, the Giants’ farm system isn’t a good match for Boston.

Out-of-the-box idea: The Cardinals trade Jack Flaherty, Paul DeJonge and Drew Verhagen to the Red Sox for Chris Sale, Luis Perales or Conor Siebold. – Dennis K.

The Red Sox don’t want DeJong or VerHagen. The Flaherty-for-Sale portion of the trade will be based on medical reports. I’d lean on the Red Sox side preferring to hold a sale, but he owes $55 million over the next two years, and if the Cardinals are willing to take the full charge, Boston might consider doing it one-on-one just to get on the books and give themselves more money. Flexibility in payroll. It’s hard to answer that question without seeing doctors on both shooters.


Kodai Senga will ignite a bidding war. (Kyudo via The Associated Press)

Will other teams actually be vying for Kodai Senga or can he sign with the Cubs already? – statistics

When you see Senga’s fast football speed and his broken finger, it’s clear that there will be a bidding war for his services and other agent starters will have to sign before him. It may take some time.

What unmarked team can surprise us with big signings, like the Rangers did last year? Louis Bernard Campbell A.

Baltimore Orioles. Wait for it.

Will the brewers try to get rid of (Christian) Yelich? – Aaron S.

Yelich will earn $26 million a year for six more years and then charge another $6.5 million to be bought out of a mutual option for 2029. The brewers won’t give him up, no one’s going to take that contract. He’s still a serviceable player, as evidenced by his 2.7 bWAR, 14 home runs, 99 runs, and 19 stolen bases last season. I don’t think Yelich will ever be an All-Star, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger or MVP again, but I do think Miller Park will probably be his home until retirement.

How come we so rarely see deals of the highest potential lead type? This appears to be a largely untapped market that general managers avoid. – Joseph J.

Teams always seem to overestimate their prospects because they know them best, and that makes it difficult to land leads at the highest levels, but it does happen. One of my favorites was the Jazz Chisholm Jr.-for-Zac Gallen trade between the Diamondbacks and Marlins in 2019.

Jake McCarthy looks like the odd man out for the Diamondbacks next year. What kind of return will it make? – Devin M.

The Diamondbacks could use another right-handed hitter for their lineup, so if they were to trade him, I think they would be looking for that along with an assist bullpen and a backup catch.

(I’d) like to see the Rays pick up two veteran bats, like (Michael) Brantley and (Michael) Conforto. I think their minor league power (can be used for touchdowns) is a more controllable bat. What do you think they are looking for to help in their attack? – Brad O.

Conforto makes a lot of sense for the rays if his right shoulder is scanned, as I’ve been told they do. He fit in well with the squad. I’d also like to see the Rays land a veteran power hitter, like Jose Abreu, who can still hit 25 homers and drive in 100 runs to take the pressure off the middle of the lineup. Abreu will also be a good mentor to Wander Franco and their other young hitters. Brantley is also fit, but he’s on the back foot and really needs a DH more than playing left at this point. However, I love his driving and mentoring skills as well.

(Corbin Burnes top photo: Benny Sieu / USA Today)

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