Morning media briefing Tuesday: December 20, 2022


How simple it is to struggle to understand how all the parts will fit together in the end. for you Milwaukee Bucks They had their share of injuries sustained before and during the season that combined to result in something of a rotating mix of lineups. For a week, it looked like Jevon Carter might be the guy, then MarJon Beauchamp’s turn, before Bobby reprized him as an emergency starter while Pat Connaughton and Chris Middleton launch their campaigns. Despite the ugly basketball that emerged from this rotational chaos, the Bucks continued to rack up wins.


Now, after their 128-119 win over New Orleans PelicansWe can more or less say that this team has been at its best all season. Now that the pieces of the puzzle are almost all on the same table, you can begin to take a better look at the range of possibilities that GM John Horst presented to coach Mike Bodenholzer.

There are tools here that can be mixed and matched in a whole number of ways depending on what your opponent is asking you to do. Against the Pelicans and Zion Williamson, the coaching staff asked the physically able defenders to do nothing less than put Zion in a chokehold to prevent him from getting into a rhythm. Jrue Holiday, Wes Matthews and Joe Ingles answered the call. Whenever a unit on Earth needs chaotic energy on either end of the Earth to speed up or go insane, MarJon Beauchamp is there. If you need someone other than the Big Three to create it, Joe Ingles delivers clear passing and point scoring by Bobby Portis. Thanasis Antetokounmpo is on the list.

It took me time to get to this point, to finally see something of a whole that could be made of these parts; It’s going to take more time to figure out which players play best together, who can adequately cover each other’s weaknesses, and whether the offense won’t go back to the grave once the playoffs start after all. But what matters now is that it’s all there, and it all makes some sense. It’s an exciting place to be, a doublespeaker, with a 22-8 record to boot and the #1 seed in the conference.

Let’s say!

Top 100 NBA Players (ringer)

Straight from the chills-filled mind of Bill Simmons to your screen, Ringer brings the big draft plate to… er, the 100 Greatest Players in the NBA. Much like the famous board, it looks like it’s going to be a training of four rather arbitrarily moving players up and down the rating board for content, clicks, and most importantly, hell. Giannis debuted at No. 1 in the world, Chris Middleton – for reasons not clear to me – at 26, Johnny Holiday is now 29, and Brooke Lopez is closing in on the Milwaukee delegation at 42. Exciting!

Bucks’ Joe Ingles Experience: “When did you find out he never shut up?” (The Athlete – Paywall)

I know Joe is known for talking trash to opponents, but I’m starting to feel like he’s just talking to every living thing around him at all times? You wonder if the real reason he was in Milwaukee was to try to bully Giannis into choosing a free throw routine that more or less works. Old, injured and Australian, Engels is probably one of the few players in the world happy to tell Giannis it’s a joke. Engels knows one gear and only one: verbal violence.

The new NBA Michael Jordan Trophy for MVP was made in Milwaukee (Milwaukee Record)

A truly remarkable story (to me, at least) sees an art foundry in Milwaukee take the lead in designing and creating the new NBA Michael Jordan Award for Most Valuable Player of the Regular Season. You can take a look at Vanguard Sculpture Gallery To get a feel for the work they do, and while I appreciate the “realistic” pieces, I’m glad the final award design skewed in an art deco direction. All design elements approved for marketing such as weighing in at 23.6 pounds to match MJ’s jersey number and number of titles, of course.

Defensive Player Ladder: Bucks’ Brook Lopez rises to number one (

It’s been a really good season for Brook Lopez, and an even better week with his utter defeat of Utah Jazz On the glass he put 30 against the Swans last night. He was very good as legitimately recorded DPOY talk which is amazing given his age and where he was a year ago. Steve Ashburner I spoke to him a little bit about his season so far and how he has progressed as a defender. Some of the quotes may have been written by Mike Budenholzer, but overall Brock is as charming as ever.

Road Bucks – Very Early Predictions for the 2023 NBA Trade Deadline (ClutchPoints)

Derrick Rose ending his playing career as a representative for the Milwaukee Bucks is a misconception, and my brain can barely process a mere theory of it. Everyone feels like we’re going to be active in the trade market (see: Jae Crowder), but like most seasons, your mileage may vary depending on which situation you think is most important. Another “real” point with a little juice left over from George Hill is definitely an option, though I’m not sure if D-Rose is the guy for this particular job.

This week’s fan post

I’m pretty sure I dashed real hopes of JSOnline Castaway 2.0 winning the FPOTW when MMMR failed to climb yesterday morning. For a moment there, contrary to what JSOC2.0 believes, “NOBODY” may finally be the victor this week. do not worry! Another FPOTW is here for the giveaway, and JSOnline Castaway 2.0 will actually take the hardware for the sake of, “Bah….Humbug: Ranking the Worst Christmas Songs of All Time”. Where we are on the annual calendar is timely and, more importantly, we’ve done very well. Number seven is my particular favourite:

7. I saw my mom kiss Santa Claus. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like watching the woman who gave you life amidst a scandalous affair with your childhood hero. “

Troublesome childhood moments, and Happy New Year everyone!

Know your enemy

MMMR readers will see me post some articles that have nothing to do with the Bucks, but in an effort to assess the expected outcomes of teams involved in “superstar” deals. From the data dissected, it generally seems difficult for a team acquiring a star to suddenly take off and make it productive right away, if at all. So far, it seems we can’t rank the Cavs in the “I made it” column in the wake of their agreement to bring Donovan Mitchell to Cleveland. Good for them!

The Nets sure know how to keep you guessing, eh? From assembling every mercurial Goober star in the league to form some sort of massive Goober, to collapsing against us of all teams, to being beaten demanding a trade, to being beaten by CelticsAdd in a bunch of vaccine skepticism and a dash of anti-Semitism, and what’s the end result? It has won 9 of its last 10 games and sits firmly in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings with a 19-12 record. surely.

Knowing our luck, Boston would suddenly break out of its funk and score its first flawless NBA victory against us in front of the nation on Christmas Day.

Social Communication Department

Serge’s 7 million mile stare for closure is worth it all

Serge still looks amazing. Don’t get confused about it.

Through adversity you find the ugliest shoes you’ve ever seen

I think this one feels like a miss to me lol

Tough look at Nike. They lost Khalifa Giannis and they are already teammates.

If you’re looking for the comments section to discuss the new award names, scroll down

Danny Green understands the terms and conditions of his mission

Riley’s Weekly Prediction Score 2022-2023: 14-16

Actual Milwaukee Record for 2022-2023: 22-8

I’ll be honest and say I probably guessed we were going to lose to the Swans because of sheer pessimistic inertia. The Bucks continue their wild ride this week with visits around the eastern half of this great nation. It’s Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday with games against the Cavs, Nets, and Celtics, respectively.

I feel good about where the team is starting to settle in, and I will support them to be perfect the rest of the way this week. If they can get through all of that by going to Boston and getting a verified win, even better.

Happy Monday!

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