NBA rumours: Trading Harrison Barnes would be a big mistake


You know the mantra “If it ain’t broke, won’t you fix it?” with the Sacramento Kings Now six games over (. 500) the question that still arises among most people is the decision to keep or trade veteran forward Harrison Barnes.


The former NBA champion is in the final year of his contract and many believe that if the Kings are looking to improve their roster, trading away Barnes would be the best way to get him back a decent return. My counter question to those asking to trade Barnes is who returns in return takes this team to the next level?

I’ve come up with many deals here on this site many times about trades that need to be done, and the biggest name on any running back that seems reasonable is Washington forward Kyle Kuzma. However, it was early in the season when the Kings were still finding their legs and Barnes was off to a slow start to the season. With the forward now averaging 15.2 points and 5 rebounds per game; Is trading in Kuzma really beneficial to this team looking for a stable third option? I say no.

See, one year into the deal for Barnes is definitely putting a question mark on his way into the offseason about whether the team could lose him for nothing. the Phoenix Suns They are a team that has had interest in Barnes for a while and was linked to the Kings during this past season for a deal that would send Barnes for prospect Jay Crowder. At the age of 30, Barnes could look forward to joining a championship contending team while it was still in its prime.

But would a guy like Kuzma or Croder take royalty to the next level? The answer seems to be an obvious no. Barnes has shown he can knock down a consistent 3-pointer (averaging 1.6 3 points per game) and is capable of finishing dribble drives, DHOs and one-on-ones in the post. His ability to switch and defend both forward positions is also a great asset for this team. Barnes even grows as a screen and a roller. Look at this play as he lays off the screen for De’Aaron Fox laps and Domantas Sabonis finds him on a layup.

This is what you all voted for in the Harrison Barnes deal:

There’s no doubt Sacramento (which ranks 25th in the NBA in defensive efficiency) needs to find a way to acquire players who can help improve this area, but Barnes won’t be seen as one of those negatives because he has shown his willingness to defend the best players on each team. . Mike Brown has even given Barnes his Defensive Player of the Game streak several times this season.

breaking chemistry, and having the new player speed up his offensive combinations and game plan; All of these things take time. Now the Kings are hot and hard to stop. It may not always be pretty, but this team can score with the best of themselves with Sacramento clearly having a need for what Barnes brings. One thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is the fact that aside from the on-court play that the former Tar Heel brings, Barnes also provides the veteran leadership and playoff experience to a Kings team packed with players with little to no playoffs. expertise.

Now I’m not ruling out any deals for Harrison Barnes. Toronto forward OG Anunoby has been rumored to be targeted by several teams if the Raptors are looking to rebuild, but this sounds like a pipe dream rather than a reachable deal.

A winning season for the Kings will be the playoffs and break the 16-year drought that hangs over this franchise like a dark cloud. There’s nothing the offseason can bring in terms of Barnes and his future with Sacramento, but the goal is to win and win now. Barnes is an essential part of this team and going from him to a player in your head who you think can be better doesn’t mean he’ll always be successful.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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