NBA Trade Rumors: Miami Heat To Be Active In Promoting Big Man Depth Before Deadline, In Talks To Add John Collins


the Miami Heat It is said that they go to February 9th NBA trade deadline Looking to address an issue that has been around since the off-season. They want to add a great deal more depth to this squad, not only as a potential new player-captain alongside Bam Adebayo but also off the bench. Caleb Martin has been serviceable as a PF this year, but injuries and playing up and down still leave a hole in that position.


It’s very possible that all of these nagging injuries Martin has been through are a result of him being below PF size. He’s hitting bodies with big men in opposing teams day and night. Not that he doesn’t have the ability to do it and keep up with the big guys, it’s just doing it constantly that causes some issues.

Taking advantage of Miami’s smaller front court all season, the team struggled in the rebounding department. There is absolutely no knocking on Martin, he is a solid player and fans have seen flashes of his potential. However, he excels a lot as a natural winger. He does a better job of using his height to defend smaller players like guards and small forwards.

With all that said though, it’s been rumored that Martin could be involved in a deal to bring PF John Collins in from Atlanta Hawks.

A deal like this could finally pair Bam Adebayo with a big guy of All-Star caliber. Although there is a “concern” among the people at Heat Brass about getting along with Collins and Pam, the Collins name is worth the risk in that regard. Atlanta has reportedly lowered Collins’ asking price, and seems eager to move him. The 25-year-old PF has been linked to Miami for some time, and it always seems like he would welcome a trade in South Beach.

Collins is a player who is willing to do the dirty work. Grab the boards, play strong defense and collect some blocks. Not to mention he has a well polished offensive game, he can influence the game on the inside and out at that end of the field. The youth PF has career averages of 16.1 PPG, 8.3 RPG and 1.1 BLKS on 55.4% shooting and 35.8% center fielding. He’s in the middle of a down year for the Hawks, currently putting up stats of 13.3 PPG, 7.8 RPG, and 1.4 BLKS on 50% shooting.

He didn’t want to be in Atlanta all year, as both sides have been working on a trade for some time now. When you’re healthy and engaged, that’s a potential 20 points, 10 rebounds for the night guy. His best season came just a few years ago, in 2019 he averaged 21.6 PPG, 10.1 RPG and 1.6 BLKS highly efficient with 58.3% from the field and even 40.1% from the 3-point line.

As versatile as Caleb Martin can be, Collins is just like that, too. Except he’s more dominant and fills the stat sheet in the process. Heat Nation should be rooting for this trade to happen, because this goes deeper than just choosing the occasional “3 and D” role player. This is a potential season-changing move, and one that could have an absolutely formidable trio of All-Stars in the first court as a starting pitcher for years to come.

The rumors don’t end here, as not only are Miami looking to get the PF’s starting caliber, but they’re also looking for a great backup depth to play behind Adebayo as well. It’s no secret that Dewayne Dedmon hasn’t planned very well this season, I wrote an article recently about how he really is on this trading block.

There have been many names associated with the Miami Heat to supply these big guys back up with minutes. Such as Nerlence Noel, Siddik Bey, and a few others who have been reported recently.


Can Kelly Olynyk participate in the Miami meeting? He certainly could be an option… He wasn’t necessarily well suited as a starter when he was on the roster in 2021. On the bubble though the previous year he played a senior reserve role rather than a starter and did very well. Olynyk delivered some precious minutes and hit some big shots on her way to 2020 NBA Finals.

The trade deadline is just around the corner, and it’s refreshing to know that the Heat’s front office is acknowledging that the front court needs some help.

Only time will tell who ultimately landed in a Heat uniform if anyone was at all, but with rumors like Collins there is plenty of room for optimism for the future.

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