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At this point, it should come as no surprise to see Luka Dončić put in a stellar performance to lead the Dallas Mavericks to victory. But the 23-year-old continues to impress, showing his dominance Tuesday night to lead Dallas to a 103-101 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at the American Airlines Center.


Dončić had 35 points, 11 rebounds, five assists and three steals in the win. Shooting 11-of-22 from the field and drilling a three-pointer clutch late in the fourth quarter is sure to be added to his highlight reel.

The Mavs had led by as many as 25 points before the Clippers came back in the second half to take the lead.

Dallas got some solid production and huge shooting down the stretch of Dorian Finney Smith, who scored 21 points on seven 3-pointers. Spencer Dinwiddie added 16 points, Christian Wood added 15 points from the bench, and Reggie Bullock added 13 points.

But Dončić was once again the star of the night, putting in another effort that had many expecting him to be a favorite to be named NBA MVP this season.

NBA Twitter lit up with excitement amid Dončić’s dominant performance Tuesday night:

Kenny Beecham @KOT4Q

Luca is unreal

The Mavs certainly couldn’t be happy with the way they let the Clippers get back in the game in the second half, which has been the theme of the season. However, having Dončić up front gives Dallas an advantage over most teams in the league when he takes over as he did against Los Angeles.

The Mavs (8-5) will look to keep the momentum going when they host the Houston Rockets on Wednesday night.

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