NBA: Wolves 115, Pacers 101: Joubert, Cities dominate in full performance


In the first three minutes of the match, it was Minnesota Timberwolves Jumping to 8-0 before the start Indiana Pacers Score their first bucket.


Their position size and height troubled the Pacers as they ran their pitchers off the line and into the paint, as three players 6’10 and up were ready to put out any shot that came their way.

“I told the guys this was, without a doubt, the best performance of our season,” Timberwolves coach Chris Finch said.

The Wolves were in control most of the way during their 115-101 win over the Pacers at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. The team’s ball movement and defensive execution are arguably their best this season.

There were moments when the Coyotes threw errant passes (23 turnovers in the game) and lost track of pitchers, however it was a promising performance and a step in the right direction.


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Defense was solid (at times)

The Coyotes held the Pacers at 38.5% throughout the game. The game plan was to force the Pacers’ pitchers to drive inside the arc and make a play that worked.

As the Pacers drove to the rim they met the Coyotes’ inside line. Defense had 10 blocks a day. Four of them came from Jaden McDaniels.

Therese Haliburton shot four of 15 from the field and two of seven from the three-point line for ten points with McDaniels as the primary defender. His height and athleticism made things difficult for the Pacers’ primary ball handler.

The Pacers’ Buddy Hield also didn’t have a strong shooting night. He scored 13 points on five-of-16 shooting and three-of-11 three-pointers.

While Hield didn’t hit the ball very well, he did take 11 triples and miss some achievable shots to a shooter of his caliber. Wolves were a late move to stay attached to him in the half zone and transition and allowed him to shoot from three. D’Angelo Russell had a rearview block on Hield, but the team could have done better by staying with Hield.

Identity struggle

Here’s one of those clean looks that Hield missed. Joubert sees Hield open here but isn’t running out of competition. Instead, McDaniels has to transition from guarding the ball to the ball. Fortunately he misses.

Gobert is at his best when he’s near the basket and affecting shots, but there might be something to be said about Gobert’s mistakes a lot on the side of staying around the rim and guarding his man.

This represents the identity conflict that wolves face. They are a chaotic defensive team with corpses flying around. On the other hand, Joubert is more of a conservative advocate who tends to stick around the paint.

Joubert sometimes needs to go out to the perimeter shooter and force him off the line. The wolf defense theory is that there are multiple players who can provide resistance at the edge. When Joubert concedes open triples and does not rotate, it damages the scheme. Joubert needs to trust that the other four defenders will have his back if he blocks him.

Until then, the Wolves would go on to give up the third-most three-point attempts in the league.

But, if Joubert can hold drivers back in the paint and teammates can fly around him for blockers and block passing lanes, then this team’s defensive potential is very high. That was on display tonight, as the Coyotes recorded a season-high 10 blocks.

Fall coverage

The Wolves elected to run low coverage against the Pacers and have the offensive point defenders chase the top. It pretty much worked. Pacers points per possession in 42 pick and roll The ball controller The property was 0.69 in synergy.

Where the Pacers took advantage of the scheme was in picking man roll Properties. Pacers points per possession were solid 1.56 Miles Turner was the main factor in attacking the scheme. He finished with 31 points on 12 of 17 shooting and shot seven of nine of 3.

The reason for his big game is directly related to his drop coverage for the Wolves. In the event of a fall, the senior defender drops down into the paint to contain the ball handler until the defender can attack back into play.

On the play below, KAT drops right here, but Turner springs into the arc and forces KAT to make a long shutdown. Turner gets on KAT and drives over the edge for a vicious dunk on McDaniels.

Turner made the Wolves pay for a run in the third quarter. He scored 15 points on six of nine shooting and three of four of three. He reached for the edge as in the clip above, but he also pulled over the crack.

Kaitlin Cooper, one of our best friends Andy Cornrose, points out that the Wolves could have positioned themselves on the weaker shooter and not on Turner. They could have used Kyle Anderson or even Nas Reed, who could exit to Turner faster and possibly switch the screen.

While Turner sets the Wolves on fire, the 3 pop-up is what the defenses give up. It’s an understandable plan to go viral against Indiana, considering Turner shot 36% of 3 enters last night’s contest in just 2.75 attempts per game.

Effort and intensity were present across the board, combining to create arguably the Wolves’ best defensive performance of the season.

Balanced attack

All five starters for the Wolves scored double points and converted on more than 50% of their appearances.


What stood out was the movement of the ball for the team. Each player who played more than ten minutes scored an assist (Except for Torrian Prince, who left the match with an injury). Wolves finished with 31 assistswhich is nearly four more than their average of 27.5 per game.

Many of the assists went to Joubert. Early in the game, there is a concerted effort to engage him by feeding him through rolls and seals. Finished the first quarter with the most attempted shots (five).

Joubert had many casting partners that included Russell, Edwards, and even Kat. They all worked well and provided a different take on the event. As a result, Minnesota scored 74 points in the paint, the second-most in an NBA game this season.

Offense stagnated in previous games, but the Wolves took turns defending and made an extra pass. Although the team had 23 turnovers, there were a few unselfish turnovers where the player tried to force one more pass that just wasn’t there.

The philosophy of equality is the way of the wolves to be a successful crime. It is a matter of constantly sharing the ball when playing with better defensive individuals, who may take advantage faster.

fast hitters

  • Prince Turan injured his shoulder in the third quarter and did not return.
  • As a result, Minnesota was outclassed 42-19 by Indiana
  • Jordan McLaughlin was inactive for the competition due to a calf problem. Austin Rivers took his place in the rotation and finished with six points in 20 minutes.
  • Nas Reid was a DNP – Coach’s Decision. The Wolves elected to play smaller against the speedy Pacers.
  • Minnesota tied for their worst season while allowing 32 points on 23 turnovers
  • Despite allowing 13 offensive rebounds, the Wolves gave up just four points at the second chance

Game highlights


The Wolverhampton side are coming off a two-game lead on Friday at 4pm against the Charlotte Hornets, who may well be without star guard LaMelo Ball (ankle). Ball missed the team’s last three matches after re-injuring his ankle, which ruled him out for the first month of the season.

You can watch the game at Bally Sports North.

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