NBC football analyst Tony Dungy debunked the anti-trans legend


What you should have said was nothing.
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It hasn’t been a great week for NBC Sports Football analyst Tony Dungy. He made half Probably the most low energy broadcast team we’ve ever heard on Saturday Night (along with Michaels, and they’ve been rocking it ever since. Cyd Zeigler in OutSports For his continued opposition to homosexuals marriage. In the past, Dungey once called the SEC’s gay defensive tackle Michael Sam a “distraction” (Then try to return it) and openly allied himself with Homophobic individuals and organizations.


Dungey’s view of the world It apparently extends to the trans community, too. On Wednesday, Dungey shared a myth that litter boxes are put in schools for children who are identified as furry, brain-dead. rumor was I exposed months ago After he spread as a right-wing Propaganda, designed to ridicule children who are anything other than the sex they were assigned at birth. And Denji fell for her, Hook, Line, and diver.

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Dungey was replying to this tweet from daily wiring, Conservative news outlet.

Almost as damning as the tweet is that Tony Dungy attempted to engage in a dialogue with the Daily Wire. If you’ve never heard of the Daily Wire, our heartiest congratulations. All you really need to know is that the site was founded, in part, by Ben Shapiro and contacts Jordan Peterson “The most important public thinker of our time.” So.

Dungey’s history is under scrutiny

If this is the first time you’ve heard Dungey call out his alleged homophobia, Ziegler does a good job of cataloging all the times he should have said (or done) something:

Public discussion of Dungy’s homophobic tendencies began in earnest in 2006.

That year, Dungy was it Keynote address at a fundraiser for the Indiana Family Institute, whose primary goal was to oppose same-sex marriage. The event invitation included a photo of Dungey coaching an NFL game while wearing a Colts apparel, with assurances that “an Indiana Family Institute financial support opportunity” would be available.

“I appreciate the situation [IFI is] Taking, I embrace this position,” Dungey said During the international financial fundraiser from The group’s opposition to same-sex marriage. IFI says what the Lord says. You can take that and make up your mind how you want to. I am on the side of the Lord.”

In 2013, when NBA player Jason Collins has come out publicly that he is gayAnd Dungey said he “doesn’t agree with Jason Collins’ lifestyle.”

the following year after Michael Sam has come out publicly as gay And it was Drafted by the St. Louis RamsDungey said He didn’t want Sam on his team.

“I wouldn’t have taken it” Dungey said of the Rams drafting Sam. And wait for that… “I don’t want to deal with all that. It’s not going to be entirely smooth sailing… things are going to happen.”

Dungy deleted the tweet, perhaps after seeing the backlash it caused, but the internet never forgets.

It should also be noted that NBC Sports has not yet commented on Dungy’s behavior.

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