Nets hoping for historic night against Warriors: Clean injury report


It could be a landmark night for Wednesdays Brooklyn Networks. As long as nobody steps off the pavement or gets sick with one of the various ailments rife in the city (or one of the four players involved in the G League Showcase doesn’t get hurt in Las Vegas,) the Nets will have a clean injury report when they take on the Warriors at Barclays Center.


There have been other times in the past three years since the Clean Sweep was done where it seemed like everyone would only be healthy if the cloud darkened the official team status report. The last (so far) question mark was removed Tuesday morning when Jack Vaughn announced that Patty Mills, who had been having a difficult time with a non-COVID illness, had been cleared to face the defending NBA champions.

“Yeah, Patty’s ready to go,” said Vaughn. “Get off that bug a little bit, so it’s good to see him healthy on the ground and back in training.”

The curls are already in place and not just healthy. They have a five-game winning streak and have won 10 of their last 11, making them the most exciting team in the NBA. Kevin Durant makes a legitimate case for MVP and Kyrie Irving is on her way. Nick Claxton and Yuta Watanabe justify fans’ faith in them. Maybe Ben Simmons needs some time off and yes, the Nets still have a losing record against winning teams, but hey, after a summer of ups and downs, it’s hard to imagine things getting better.

In training on Tuesday, there was positive vibes all around…

More than wins, the Nets appear to be a happy group led by Vaughn. They will need to be. They will play the defending champions (Golden State), the 2021 champion (Milwaukee) and a very ambitious EU contender (Cleveland) next week. Do they think they are ready?

“Oh sure. The focus has to be stronger when you’re playing better teams,” said TJ Warren. “I mean, you can’t look at somebody’s record and just assume it’s going to be an easy win. By playing for this team, the other team will get up to play against us. It’s just what it is. We have to be ready for each team’s best shot.”

“I mean, every game I feel like we’re building and creating an identity for each other, especially on the defensive side,” Royce O’Neal agreed. “Our defense will continue in those games and our attack will always be the same as long as we play the right way.”

Preparing for Golden State is going to be a bit difficult. Steve Curry is coming off a shoulder injury and the Nets game will be the second half of New York’s winning streak. Warriors play Nix In the park Tuesday.

“The answer is I think that’s where you have to turn it into being about us as much as you can just because they are [Warriors] I played tonight, not knowing who they were going to play. How will it be back to back? “So we’ll worry about us on that part of it and we’ll look at the game,” Vaughn said, eyeing the Warriors. “I think you’re getting close to it when we get back home. We’ve got two.” [wins] when we were away. Let’s finish the year on a positive note and get this done tomorrow.”

Still, knowing you’re going to get all your players (knocking on hardwood) has to be a positive thing… and historically.

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