Nets need ‘modest’ Celtics experience: Kyrie Irving

The first-round sweep of the net by Boston wasn’t just mere humility. It was also stimulating.

At least according to Kyrie Irving, who said the playoff defeat went down exactly as it was meant to be – precisely how she needed to lead the net this season.

“Get them. I have to put them on both ends of the floor. I have to be a complete player. Coming for different devices this year, brother. I’ve been in the lab crazy, because we got 4-0,” Irving said.podcast night boys,“Before adding three times that the scanning process happened exactly as it should.” “It was supposed to happen like this.”

Irving has largely kept out of the spotlight this off season, but spoke with hosts KaiCenat, YourRage and Bruce Ray in a dropped podcast on Sunday. And in a wide-ranging interview that included a range of topics, he admitted that Brooklyn One-sided defeat against former Celtics teammates It was as imperative as it was helpful.

“It was supposed to happen like this,” Irving said. “Motivation, brother. We needed it. We needed that humbling experience, especially facing the Celtics. It was really built to be that match.”

Brooklyn Nets guard Keri Irving (11) leads the Boston Celtics Jaylene Brown (7).
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“So we’ll see them again. We’ll have to. They’ll be where they are. But those little guys out there in Boston, bro, I’ve seen them grow up. So to see them do what they did last year in the finals, getting them that far, I’m glad they had to.” to pass through us.”

These youngsters are All-Star Wings Jason Tatum and Jaylene Brown, who played alongside Irving for two years at TD Garden but resented his leadership at times. Irving’s tenure with the Celtics ended poorly, but Irving—whose father played at Boston University, and who spent a lot of time in the city growing up—repeated the positive feelings he feels for the city.

“I had such a great time in Boston, bro. I’ve been going there since I was probably six to college basketball camp at Boston University. I’ve always had a family there. I spent a lot of time there,” Irving said. “But when I played there, man, I met my wife there and we settled down. So a lot of good memories. Just on the field, things didn’t go as I had hoped.”

Last season It didn’t go as Irving and Grid would have liked.

Boston swept Brooklyn, with the Celtics moving to the NBA Finals, and the Nets going into a chaotic season.

Irving discovered that the full maximum contract offered last summer – before he missed two-thirds of the season due to his refusal to get a COVID-19 vaccine – was no longer on the table. He and the Nets couldn’t come to a compromise, so on June 30 he ended up signing up for the final year of his contract for $36.5 million, meaning he’ll be an unrestricted free agent after this season.

Days later, Kevin Durant requested a trade, shake the nba.

But with Durant eventually waning, now Irving and Ben Simmons are contenders for the Eastern Conference. They will face the four-time champions – at home on December 4 and January 12, and at TD Garden on February 1 and March 3.

The nets will validate Irving’s theory – assuming she can stay healthy.

“That’s all that matters. That’s all that matters,” Irving said. “All the assumptions that come in when no one is healthy and when they’re not one hundred percent. …I played 29 matches, and hardly any matches were played at home. It wasn’t a typical season that I would have liked. But things happen. I had to stand on a whole bunch of things bigger than just that.”

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