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Losses are never fun. National TV losses are worse, and they tend to expose some of your deepest flaws. the Brooklyn Networks depleted took Phoenix Suns Team in Arizona last night, and most of the night played a disastrous type of basketball. However, they got out of the funk in the fourth quarter and almost created a miracle. However, they ran out of time and suffered a huge loss. The losing streak is now up to four and things are getting more and more difficult for the Eastern Province standings.


Tonight’s opposition is one of the most pleasant surprises in the league. I don’t think anyone expects much from it Utah Jazz This season, as all signs pointed to them progressing at full speed in the Victor Wimpanyama lottery. However, a funny thing happened. The majority of the Western Conference is kinda er, and the Jazz are doing great! They are solid in the playoffs and playing in the chase, and helped the cause with Win against staggering Los Angeles Clippers Wednesday night.

Where to follow the game

Yes network on TV. WFAN on the radio. Tip after 10 p.m.


Not Kevin Durant.

Kelly Olynyk is out.

the game

The second night is from noon to noon, the third match in four nights. Winning on the road is not easy and the task gets even tougher tonight. And when you consider how much energy the Nets’ main rotation has expended trying to come back, Lords knows who will be on the court tonight. It’s been nearly seven years since the last Nets won – won in Utah. Tonight will be as good a time as ever to get back on the winning side.

TJ Warren was one of the guys who didn’t play much last night. The last time the Nets played a back-to-back game, he played 21 minutes against Milwaukee Bucks Before getting a rest the next night vs Indiana Pacers. Warren only played seven minutes last night, so assuming he doesn’t deal with an injury, he has a chance of getting back out there tonight. It’s all on deck, so if it’s okay, the Nets need it there and get buckets.

At the very least, Walker Kessler gets an invite to this year’s Rising Stars game. As one of the players coming to utah from Minnesota Timberwolves Opposite Rudi Gobert, Kessler was an inspiration for Utah. He averages seven points, seven rebounds and two blocks per night on 71 percent shooting from the field. The big chip works almost exclusively at the edge, but this works great when everyone around it is illuminated from a three-point range. The Jazz have an incredibly bright future, and if Kessler continues to grow, Utah will be back in the playoffs before you know it.

The Nets lost the rebounding battle again last night, and they need to clean that up right away. Oftentimes, opponents get extra property to achieve something and end up making Nets pay. It is a team effort all the way and the team has to work hard and fight to complete their property.

It’s homecoming! Royce O’Neal will be returning to the city after spending the first five seasons of his career in Salt Lake City. O’Neale’s jazz and personalities were good enough to earn a well-deserved applause from the Utah crowd.

It’s trading season, and teams are, too Connection Jazz is looking to try and snag some veterans. We’ll see what happens once we get closer to the deadline.

When the nets are away, Barclays Center will host a very special event. This afternoon, she will be presenting the new New York Liberty SuperstarJonquil Jones! NetsDaily will be on site and provide you with all the insights and analysis from the event.

Jacque Vaughn wants to take the Nets over three times, and that would be a great time to start. The Jazz love to shoot from deep (4th in the NBA at 40 attempts per night) and shoot 36.4 percent from three-point range. During the four-game losing streak, Brooklyn shoots 31.5 percent from downtown, the fourth-worst in the NBA over that period. Joe Harris and Seth Curry got hot from deep last night, and the hope is that they can hold it tonight.

This is part of the deal when you see yourself as a franchise player. When the big dog is out, you have to do more to make up for his absence. Anything less than playing at a stellar level is a doomsday scenario. With Durant out, the keys to the franchise went to Kyrie Irving and it’s been a struggle thus far. Shot on 11-27 last night, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. In the fourth quarter, Irving went nuclear, scoring 21 of his 30 points for Brooklyn to fight back. Even with all his struggles, there is a solution that will alleviate some of those problems: attacking the basket! Irving is one of the most talented and creative players to ever play basketball, and when the Nets started running, he was powered by Irving to reach the Cup. When he snaps, it limits the Nates’ offense and makes his life more difficult. The Nets need Irving connected in all four seasons. It’s tough, but that’s what the stars predict. Gotta make it happen.

Nick Claxton keeps going. The senior had 20 points, 11 rebounds, three assists and three more blocks in 35 minutes of playing time last night. He’s not a three-point shooter, but he did throw one up there late on when Brooklyn tried to rally. His drive sent this guy to the All-Star Game!

Player to watch: Lauri Markkanen

It’s always fun to watch a young player put all the pieces together. After starting his career with Chicago Bulls And the year of playing jumbo ball with Cleveland CavaliersMarkkanen found a home in Utah. The big man is the focal point of the Jazz offense and averages a career across the board. He averaged about 25 points and nine rebounds in the .520/.422/.873 shooting splits in 34 minutes a night. He can glow from deep and has a tendency to freak people out when they try to jump off a ledge with him. He’s been so great, he should be named to the All Star Game in a few weeks. It will be a well deserved achievement and a treat for jazz fans.

For a star player and former NBA defender, Ben Simmons makes some of the most brilliant mistakes imaginable. Whether it’s being more aggressive when the situation doesn’t warrant it, not being restrained when setting up monitors, etc., it’s been hard for him lately. His night wasn’t his greatest last night as he committed five errors and threw himself out midway through the third quarter. It’s bad business when you get fired on an ordinary day. But when privilege is injured, a bad dismissal becomes unacceptable.

If you’re looking for something on the bright side, Simmons is looking to attack the basket a bit more. It’s the least he can do, but it’s a start.

from the cellar

This year, the All Star Game will be held in Salt Lake City. Let’s take a trip back to when the game was last held in Utah

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And high!

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