New York Rangers Already Loaded For Huge Deal On Trade Deadline

When New York Rangers replaced Nils Lundqvist with the Dallas Stars In exchange for a conditional first round and a fourth round, it added other valuable assets that they could use on the next trade deadline.

This is where their 2023 draft picks stand:

  • first round (2)
  • second floor (1)
  • third floor (1)
  • Sixth round (2)
  • Seven Round (1)

The first round obtained from Dallas was selected into the top ten protected in 2023. So, if the Superstars fail to make the playoffs this season and pick 10 or less, the Rangers will automatically get their first Dallas round in 2024.

However, when the NHL trade deadline begins on March 3, teams may already know which draft this conditional selection will reach. Regardless, the Rangers have at least one first-round pick to use for a massive hire.

New York Rangers are well prepared for a huge deal

New York is a contender for the Stanley Cup this coming season which will make them deadline buyers. Now that they’re equipped with two potential first-round picks for the next draft in June, GM Chris Drury can sweeten fate in any high-profile trade.

Rangers also have a wealth of talent from prospects to move into.

Even if you dismiss Brennan Usman as untouchable and classify prospects like Will Coyle, Matthew Robertson and Adam Sikora as unlikely to move, the Rangers still have assets.

Players like Dylan Garand, Ryder Korczak, and Brett Berard are just a few of the interesting names that could be in the mix.

Understand one thing is for sure, depending on what player Rangers might acquire, a young roster might also need the other direction to make room in the squad.

Patrick Keane Lottery

March 24, 2022; Los Angeles, California, USA; Chicago Blackhawks (88) right winger Patrick Kane warms up before the game against the Los Angeles Kings at the Arena. Mandatory credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

During the summer there was rampant speculation about Patrick Kane. David Pagnotta of the NHL Network’s fourth period stated that the star will be traded by the next NHL trade deadline.

“I think there’s an understanding on Kane’s part that he probably won’t finish the season with the Chicago Blackhawks,” loaf said. “Whether the season starts with them is a different story. It will depend on what the Black Hawks want to do.”

Kane, 33, scored a total of assists (66) and points (92) in 78 games last season.

With Chicago Blackhawk full entry Rebuilding This season, GM Kyle Davidson met with the press on Wednesday to discuss the upcoming campaign. It didn’t take long for questions regarding the futures of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to be asked.

“There haven’t been any conversations,” Davidson said via NBC Sports. “We’re definitely not at this point. We’re focused on training camp and getting into the season. As far as any player movement or anything like that, we’re nowhere near that point. We’re focused on having Jonathan and Patrick here and being part of the team and the competition.” Since opening day. That’s what we focus on. There has been no discussion about that.”

Whether it’s Kane or someone else, the Rangers have plenty of assets to get the key pieces in another long playoff round. Of course, the relationship between the two is getting stronger since last season.

General Manager Chris Drury has acquired an important asset he can move on for immediate assistance on deadline… That’s the gist of it for the Blueshirts, who will have two first rounds to play with as a rental market – in this well-known space as Patrick Kane Derby takes shape.

Larry Brooks, New York Post

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