New York Yankees vs Boston Red Sox: Series preview, potential shooters

Aaron Judge didn’t get past Babe Ruth last night, which means, perhaps fittingly, that his best chance in 61st and 62nd home runs will come in this four-game set against the Red Sox – the same historic rival who set fire to Roger Maris. His record The 61 Homer in 1961. The judge will be the main character in all four competitions, but let’s take a look at the ad show competitions as well.

Thursday: Jameson Tellon vs. Michael Wacha (7:15pm ET)

In the first three non-YES games in the series, Taillon will be looking to continue his run from the perfectly mediocre field this season. He laid an egg on his last appearance, allowing four runs in five innings against bruerbut overall the season has dominated the strike zone, and if he can avoid running on his home ground, he should give you a solid, albeit not-so-great run.

Michael Wacha was too good for red socks, naturally. His book moves 2.61 ERA in 114 page turns, and while he was far worse by FIP or xERA, it’s not like he was the luckiest guy in the world. He saw a three-year drop in his strikes, but like Taillon, he traded that for better driving in the area, and fewer walks and runs around the house. This last part is the main difference between their seasons – Taillon let the ball out of the garden more. Start Wacha only against Yankees This year has been a closing affair for seven runs so hopefully the club has learned something.

Friday: Gerrit Cole vs. Rich Hill (7:05 p.m. ET)

It’s always a bit of a guessing game when Gerrit Cole takes the hill this year. When he’s playing, he’ll be as good as he is in baseball, or he’ll give up four runs at home and stare into the middle distance for a bit. The game is on Apple TV+, so if its debut is the last, many of you may not be able to see it.

He’s played four games against the Red Sox this year, and has an ugly 5.48 ERA. In the stadium, that was a little lower at 4.09, but that counts as opening day count when we knew he wasn’t going to go deep. In his last game against Boston, in the Bronx, he threw seven innings of two 12kg ball runs, so a repeat performance would be more than acceptable.

Rich Hill has a bit of a stink this year as the sun may set on the 42-year-old’s unlikely baseball career. His 4.70 streak is the worst he has posted since the 38 rounds of the 2013 season, and he is a prime candidate, in my opinion, for Aaron Judge to continue his season in making history.

Saturday: Nick Pevita vs. German Domingo (1:05pm ET)

In the only game in the series on YES, Germán will try to maintain that great race he’s been in since early August. His 3.12 ERA has dropped to 2.34 since August 1, and while he’s not particularly strong at losing bats, a 3.71 FIP in the same period will play for a guy who’s meant to be a depth-of-turn. He started one game against Boston, at Fenway, where he threw six runs and allowed one inning.

Pivetta has struggled this season, walking too many hitters, and it has been a consistent problem with him throughout his career. He’ll put the guys in the base on his own, so the focus against him should be driving the balls he puts into the zone to get extra bases, and cashing some of those guys in the big turns.

Sunday: Brian Bello vs. Nestor Cortes (7:00 p.m. ET)

Yes, the last ESPN Yankees-Sawx game of the year. Bellew made his second start against the Yankees in his starter campaign, and actually did well for himself the first time, keeping the Judge in the park and allowing three unearned runs, all on Gleyber Torres’s Little League:

In fact, the match initially is exactly the same as the Sept. 14 showdown, in which Nestor Cortes went to the Yankees on Sunday night. He was in for a hit last month, starting four times with a 2.25 ERA and 2.71 FIP across 20 innings, including five innings allowing for one run in that 9/14 start in Boston.

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