New Yorkers waive Nikita Suchnikov, unclear next move


The New York Islanders They’re doing a lot better than I expected them to do up until this point in the season. Sitting 11-6-0 and fourth in the league in points (sixth in percentage points), he certainly increased his chances in the postseason. For the sake of staying level and balanced, it should be noted that in the tough Eastern Conference they sit just three points away from the cut line, and have had some games where they look less than stellar or have had to. counting. However, they did a good job of overcoming their difficulties and bank points.


They’ll likely be back on the plane today to head to Nashville, as I learned from postgame comments Monday that they planned to head back to Long Island for a day before heading back overseas. While at home, they moved the list.

Islanders News

  • Islands feel good after this stretch of road starts to beat Ottawa Senators. [Newsday]
  • Andrew Gross poses with Greg Becker as they drive from Ottawa to Montreal. [Island Ice]
  • Zach Barris admits he put a lot of pressure on himself last year, but this year, he’s deeply embraced his role as a player and has found success because of it. [The Athletic]
  • Eto’o Liukas was the youngest player on the Finnish national team in one of the recent tournaments. Also, Quinn Finley and Jake Bivonka scored. [Islanders Prospect Report]
  • Team Radio Ottawa made fun of Matt Martin’s father-in-law, Boomer Esiason, on Monday. Apparently, the Canadians still hold a grudge over the comments he made about the CFL. [Awful Announcing]
  • We are approaching the UBS Arena’s 1st birthday/anniversary/whatever you want to call it. AmNY met arena president Kim Stone Let’s see how it goes.
  • Retros are available now, folks. [Islanders]
  • According to Elliott Friedman, Nikita Suchnikov was granted waivers yesterday. I wonder what the next step is, whether they just want to keep a roster spot open or they just want to set his waiver status for a month or if they plan to call someone up, like Simon Holmstrom.

in another place

Last night’s NHL scores Includes the Devils continuing to roll with a 5-1 (10th in a row) win over the Canadiens and lead the Blues Flyers I do not. Also, the Penguins and Capitals both lost 5-2 in regulation again.

  • Former Hockey Canada CEO Bob Nicholson said he regrets not doing more to address off-ice misconduct at his organization. I’m sure that would make everything better. [TSN]
  • Pierre Lebrun went to GM meetings in Toronto and spoke with Senator JM Pierre Dorion. He also hears rants about Jacob Cicero. [The Athletic]
  • LeBron also discusses this, however San Jose Sharks General Manager Mike Greer said he would consider trading Eric Carlson. Good thing he’s considering trading his $11.5 million defenseman. [NHL]
  • A deep dive into what is likely to be Matthew Tkachuk’s historic trade for Jonathan Huberdeau et al. [The Athletic]
  • 32 brief ideas, just as Eliot Friedman promised. Nothing earth-shaking, though. [Sportsnet]

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