Nick Siriani has a crucial message for his players after the hot start

Just like that, the Eagles are everyone’s favorite team.

Big win over Vikings on the heels of Detroit’s opening-day win earned the Eagles 2-0 and third or fourth place in the NFL by USA Today, The Athletic, Fox Sports, and Sporting News, and either the first or second team. In NFC (behind Tampa Bay).

They are one of only six teams to be undefeated, and are 8-2 in their last 10 matches with Galen Hurts in the quarterback and their next 10 matches against teams that have won seven matches combined so far.

It could be a lot on the team, which is why Nick Siriani’s message to his players this week was to ignore every part of it, focus on the daily grind and not lose sight of how the Eagles got to 2.0.

“We talked about the weekly process and not skipping steps or anything like that,” he said Wednesday. “I think when you focus on the week process and all that stuff, you don’t get affected by the outside noise.

“Obviously people are telling us how good we are now. Last year at this time people were telling us how bad we were.”

A year ago, the Eagles were 2-5 and the message was exactly the same.

Just don’t listen.

And we all know how they responded. They finished 7-2 to serve a playoff in Siriani and Hurts’ first season together.

“When you’re really in the moment and focused on what you have to do for that day, people can tell you what they want,” Siriani said. “Your job today is to do that and not skip any steps, well, if we’re as competitive as we say we’re in this room and as we preach in this room, I don’t care if you’re 2-0 or 0-2, if you win 24-7.” Or you lose 24-7, you’ll go out and want to take the heart of the player you’re playing from away in the next game.

“And I don’t care if you’re playing 1-on-1 basketball – what were my balls in last year, rock, paper, scissors? – I don’t care what it is, you’re going to go and try to win this contest, and so when you can stick to your core values ​​and what It matters for a week, all the outside noise and all the waves of the season (it doesn’t matter).”

Each 2-0 record ensures the Eagles will finish 2-15 at worst – no matter what all those rankings say. Siriani will continue to remind his players of that.

He said: “Every year you see the team starting 5-0 or 5-1 and regressing. You see every year the team starting slowly and they are building. We are very early in this. There is a lot of time to build. We are really working on improving every day. Included Mine.

“We know in this league that there are a lot of teams that start fast and then fade away. Our focus – and I sound like a broken record – is trying to get better every day. We don’t walk out of a game and say, ‘Okay, that was good enough. That’s not how we work. it out”.

We’ve all seen teams start buying out of this hype, and that’s never been good.

Siriani said he doesn’t worry about this team falling into this trap, and said he loves the guidance and leadership he gets from team captains Galen Hurts, Jason Kelsey, Lynne Johnson, Brandon Graham, Fletcher Cox, Darius Sly and Jake Elliott.

He singled out Johnson, Graham, Cox and Kelsey, who starred in the 2017 team that won the Super Bowl.

“Our captains are special,” he said. “They’ve gone to the top of the mountain, most of our captains, and they know what it takes to get to the top of the mountain and plant an eagle flag on top of the mountain.”

“I feel like I have a unique position with four players in the offensive and defensive lines who participated in the battle in the trenches and rose to the top. They know and help preach every message, and they are just great leaders.”







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