Orlando Magic see the light at the end of the injury tunnel


Paolo Panchero had to sit and wait during the Orlando Magic’s latest road trip.


He and the many injured players on this team have stayed home for extra recovery time and treatment at the AdventHealth Training Centre. They were not with the team on their quick three-game trips to Chicago and Indianapolis.

It’s been a disappointing picture from this team and this season. The hope and promise of what remains on the bench in street clothes that aren’t on the court in a magical outfit. Everyone was just waiting.

Banchero couldn’t even get a good live feed of Orlando Magic’s stunning win over the Chicago Bullsrelying on the NBA app broadcast that was behind the ESPN updates he was getting on another screen.

The moment was still exhilarating even knowing the outcome. But it is clear that Panchero would have preferred to be in the center of United and on the court.

Magic definitely misses it.

Obviously, that time will come soon. And Banshiro could have some friends to join him on the field when that happens.

Paolo Panchero, Markelle Fultz, and Mo Wagner got into practice on Wednesday at the Orlando Magic. Their imminent returns indicate that the end of Magic’s injury suffering will soon come.

Banchero will be out day in and day out with a sprained left ankle, and whether he’ll be available for Friday’s game against the Philadelphia 76ers will be determined based on how he responds to his return to training (and an extra day for Thanksgiving). But he and Markelle Fultz and Mo Wagner managed to get into action on Wednesday, suggesting the three could be back soon.

“I feel good,” Banchero said after practice on Wednesday. “It was good just to be back. It’s been a while, a lot of watching. I’m happy to be there. I just have to be patient. It’s my first time dealing with injuries. At the beginning, I wanted to hurry as quickly as possible to try to come back. I realized That it wasn’t working for me. I’m trying to learn to be patient and continue to be patient and listen to myself.”

Panchero said he spent most of his time during the road trip working on strength and conditioning and not much time on the court. Mosley said Panchero looked like a player who had been out for a week during training. The concern is rebuilding his conditioning which will only come with time and play.

This is the concern of all injured Magic players, and is often the part that takes the longest after recovery. Orlando constantly wants to make sure players are back for good when he steps onto the field.

But the sentiment inside the AdventHealth Training Center was good.

The team seemed revitalized just to get back into practice. Adding all these missing players – even if Wagner and Fultz need more time to come back into the fold after missing the season so far – seems to be giving the team some new life.

He does seem like a light at the end of the tunnel for a team that has been dealing with injuries since the start of the season.

Galen Suggs, who is apparently dealing with his own ankle problems, said he was ‘feeling agitated’ behind the media as coach Jamaal Moseley updated his injury status and said it was a relief to have Mo Wagner back speaking. off the trash and bring him physically and his energy back to practice again. Even this renewed energy helped the team ramp up practice and get some positive work.

This was an element that the team was missing and was unable to put in much effort in practice.

And as much as the team doesn’t want to use it as an excuse, Injuries were too much for this team to deal with.

“It’s great. It wasn’t even real when everyone got off like that,” Suggs said after practice on Wednesday. It was not a day. It was great to see them move and feel better. It’s good to bring them back, to get back in motion and to restore the atmosphere of normalcy.”

Injury questions do not subside.

Nobody is officially back and the Magic will still be plagued by long-term injuries with Wendell Carter (plantar fascia strain) and Chuma Okeke (left knee soreness). Orlando will not release an injury report until the Thursday before Friday’s game against Philadelphia.

But taking a three-day break between games not only gave the Magic a chance to bring players back from injury but they had that real practice to work on and improve things.

It was a relief for the team to have more body, get a hard workout – something this team hasn’t been able to do very often this year due to the nature of the schedule and the team’s management of a workload of healthy players – and get real work to improve.

The team still has a lot to work on. This was an opportunity to get down to business and start evaluating the entire list.

“Just being able to get a fair assessment of what we’re capable of doing,” Mosley said after training on Wednesday. “We’re not able to do that fully because you don’t have a whole healthy menu. Having these guys in practice, you can evaluate more things, you can evaluate different combinations, different options, how guys play with each other. The more we can do that, the more we can From assessing how these players can play.”

Injuries have interrupted this critical evaluation process. Not to mention interrupting the team’s ability to improve and grow.

Orlando had to keep everything together as tightly as possible. It led to some revelations and pushed players into roles for which they were not always ready.

There’s value in that, too.

But everyone can see that magic is missing a lot and it needs some of those players out there. They needed health more than anything else to improve it.

This time is coming. Slowly but surely.

“We know the time will come when we’ll all come back and we’ll all play,” Panchero said after training on Wednesday. “We know this is coming. We don’t want to rush it. You don’t want to look too far ahead. You want to stay in the moment. But it was definitely good to see Gary there. He’s been playing really well. And then Markelle’s practice and moving with his maximum Speed ​​is good to see.”

It’s definitely good to see. There is only one last waiting game to finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

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