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Green Bay, Wis. – Fifty-two shots. That’s it Christian Watson And the Romeo Dobbs They played together this season.


Eleven games into the season, the Green Bay Packers’ starting receivers have been on the field at the same time for what amounts to less than a full game.

If there’s anything the Packers (4-7) would like to see from here to the finish line in the last six games of what appears to be a lost season — other than perhaps some action in the backup quarterback game. Jordan love — it’s more than any two rising receivers can do together.

Doubs has missed all but one of the past three games. Since Dobbs injured his ankle in the first game against the Lions in Week 9, Watson has started a flying career. And while Doubs played in training camp, the preseason and the early part of the regular season, Watson was unable to stay on the court.

“Those are definitely two players that we’re really excited about and we definitely want to come out in terms of just their playmaking ability,” Packers coach Matt Lafleur said. “I think you saw the more these guys played, the more confident they got, the better they played, and they got some juice too. I think that was definitely a noticeable difference in the last couple of games with Christian there.”

Watson and Doubs have been linked together since general manager Brian Gutekunst selected them in the second and fourth rounds, respectively, of this year’s draft as part of the post-receiver build-up.Davant Adams era.

One was rarely mentioned without the other before the season—until Watson missed most of training camp with a knee injury. The First Lights found Dobbs, while Watson was kept in the background due to a combination of drop passes and more injuries (a hamstring that sidelined him for three games and a concussion that limited his hitting in two more).

In his first nine games, Doubs played 396 catches and had 31 catches for 314 yards and three touchdowns. Up to that point, Watson had 10 catches for 88 yards and no touchdowns. Without Doubs in the past two games, Watson has eight catches for 155 yards and five touchdowns. Nearly half of his total snaps this season totaled 224 in his last two games.

“I think we have to hand the ball over to our playmakers, and he stepped up the last two games,” Rodgers said of Watson after Thursday’s loss to the Titans. Fishing over the shoulder [against the Cowboys] It opened him up to a whole new world of confidence. We caught a lot of them on the field, and I gave him a “confidence ball.” He threw him into the back of the end zone, and he went down with him.

“He’s playing with a lot of confidence. If you look at the training week before last Sunday, he’s got really many points in training this season. The last few days, no drops. I catch everything.” [against the Titans]. Yes, we have to give him the ball more.”

The most shots Watson and Dobbs have taken together in a game this season is 15. That happened twice, in Week 1 against the Vikings and Week 4 against the Patriots. The other four times they played together, it was for one, two, nine and ten takes.

The Packers did not place Dobbs on injured reserve after the Lions game because they hoped he could return in less than a month. He’s close to a comeback, LaFleur said after last week’s loss to the Titans Doubs, but he wasn’t ready to announce his return for Sunday’s game against the 9-1 Eagles (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC).

It might not just be Watson and Doubs who want to be seen together more often. Third rookie receiver, seventh round pick Samori Torican be queuing for more screenshots.

“I think he’s another guy that we definitely have to bring him into the mix a little bit more,” said Lafleur.

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